Saturday, March 24, 2007

What does your scent say about you?

So, I have a sister who is six years older than me whom I have always admired for her fashion and beauty sense. Seriously, she is so cool. She knows so much about fashion and a lot about the whole beauty industry. We get on the phone and chat hours on end--on a very regular basis-- about lipsticks, perfumes, celebrities, and the latest “finds” we’ve come across. I love her. She is one of my best friends.

Anyway, when I was a young girl and she was a teenager she wore Obsession by Calvin Klein perfume. Ohhhh, I always thought she smelled so good. When I could, I would sneak a spray here and there and when I was finally old enough to wear perfume you can guess which one I chose. I thought I was just so cool trying to smell like my sister. But that was it, I smelled like my sister. I needed to have my very own signature smell! Ever since, I’ve been on the hunt. But the hunt could not and will not ever be over. From what I’ve discovered I don’t have one unique signature scent. I have several and they are all dictated by my mood. Or sometimes my mood is dictated by my scent! That’s why the hunt could never be over—the search for enticement and mood enhancement will never be over…but I have come across some perfumes that will totally remain favorites and always in supply--

The newest scents I’ve been fortunate enough to start using are “Zoe” and “My LuLu” by Fresh Scents / Terri. Here is what Fresh Scents by Terri has to say:

My LuLu:
Unique, Captivating, Alluring
This bewitching fragrance has won the hearts of many with its unique combination of China Rain and Gardenia. The floral scent has a bold and beautiful presence that is, at the same time, subtly mysterious.

Soft, Sexy, Feminine
Customers swear by this scent which is a finely blended combination of Light Musk and Sheer Musk. If you like a soft, sexy, ultra-feminine fragrance, Zoe is the scent for you

I’ve worn these two scents either alone or together all week. What I have come to realize is the two scents mixed together make me feel very sexy—in a fun way! I’m applying the oil, My LuLu, behind my ears and on my wrists and then giving myself a quick spritz of Zoe. Laying the two scents make a great combination and I can smell it all day! Today, I am wearing Zoe, alone. I feel like I smell warm, pretty, and mature….not like a little girl overdoing it with my fragrance. But speaking of little girls, as a third grade completion gift to my daughter, I will be getting her one of Fresh Scents / Terri shimmer spray. They all smell so good so it’s going to be hard to pick just one. I’ll have to let her smell all the samples—that are available by purchase from -- and let her decide which scent provokes her mood best.

If you are interested in finding a unique scent that is all yours you definitely need to check out Fresh Scents / Terri. I promise you won't be disappointed!
Happy hunting to you in finding all your personalities through the sense of smell.

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