Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Elizabeth Arden, Sharon Bolton, Benefit Cosmetics, Issey decide your favorite scent!

It’s that time of year where we get together with our family and friends and celebrate our family traditions. I absolutely love the fall and winter time. I love to embrace the Holidays—giving thanks for all that I hold dear, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and finally closing the year out with a big bang (usually my “big bang” is a good card game and a few drinks!)

Although Christmas time has a very spiritual meaning behind it in our family—we still enjoy the regular traditions of Santa Claus, holiday parties, and gift giving. It’s so much fun—especially those white elephant parties! That's why I would like to take the next couple of weeks to post on some fabulous gift ideas.

First on my list is fragrances! Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bottle of perfume? Also, It’s an item that people don’t always like to splurge on for themselves but can really appreciate it as a gift. I’d like to spotlight on: Badgley Mischka Fleurs de Nuit by Elizabeth Arden. This is my night time…going out…all glamed up perfume. I honestly feel like I have gone back in time to when getting dolled up was a glamorous event. I can imagine Marilyn Monroe putting on this scent before going to a Hollywood cocktail party. Badgley Mischka smells sophisticated and sensual. Check it out at! Just putting it on changes my mood and makes me feel sexy and flirty in a very confident way! This one’s a winner!

Another favorite that I have to mention is Sharon Bolton’s Luv. It comes in a handy rollerball that I always kept in my purse—until it was completely used up. I loved it as an everyday fragrance. It has a very warm-tropical-floral feel to it. I will be addicted for life! I think having a perfume oil in a rollerball form is brilliant. It makes it so easy to freshen up while you are out and about!

Maybe Baby by Benefit Cosmetics is a great gift to give. This is another light and flirty scent. Perfect to put on when you are having a sweet intimate evening with your loved one. I’ve continuously had this perfume for about four years. Love it!

Issey Miyake is a fragrance you absolutely cannot go wrong with. I think it smells good on everyone. It's light enough to be an everyday scent but has that warm undertone that makes it a more formal smelling scent. My husband bought me this perfume several years ago and it is one of my favorites. I try to keep it special just for him and wear it when we go out on a date or are spending the day together--alone! He loves it and I think he feels special that I have my own favorite scent that I wear just for him!

Happy gift giving and let me know what your favorite scents are too!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Birthday Girl!

I came home a couple of nights ago from doing a little Christmas shopping and to my surprise I had a birthday cake waiting to greet me with all the love a mom could ask for in the form of a baked with love birthday cake. Oh my heart just melted! It is so cute. The way Isabelle decorated the right side and Ethan's left side with the backwards 3 (didn't he notice that?!) I thought it was the most precious thing ever and it definitely is way better than the Sprinkles cupcakes that I got last year! Thanks Erica for doing this with the kids--I love it so much! What a thoughtful gesture!

Today is my birthday and I am so excited. It's silly feeling all giddy like a kid--isn't it. But I can't help it--I get to be pampered by spending time with my friends and family and that's truly my favorite thing in life. You know relationships--they're the only thing eternal in our lives--Good company and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and I am on cloud nine! Even though it's a Monday and I have to work--I absolutely adore my coworker, Rhonda--she's great company and has a sweet heart. It's my pleasure to spend my birthday in the office with her.

Every year I tell people to not worry about buying me gifts but instead lets get together for a meal! I love socailizing and eating is always a good time too! Well, every year there are a few people that just can't help but buy me a gift and this year I have to pay tribute to the thoughtfulness and generosity of my brother in law and sister in law for the "Bithday Girl" gift set by philosophy. I love it! Who knew that they could top last year's Sephora gift card and the Amazing Graze body wash? How totally thoughtful especially since I know they think I am crazy and obsessed with all my makeup and skincare--with it bursting out of the seams of my drawers and purse! But I truly love the stuff--and they truly picked out a perfect gift! Thank you so much!

After all the craziness surrounding this Thanksgiving weekend I was delighted to dive in and test out my birthday gift. It was like giving myself a mini spa treatment and I felt and smelled so good when I was all done! Who wouldn't after using these products?:

2 oz. amazing grace perfumed shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath,
2 oz. purity made simple one-step facial cleanser,
1 oz. time on your hands exfoliating hand cream,
1 oz. soul owner exfoliating foot cream, and
.5 oz. kiss me red highly emollient lip balm.

So, if you're looking for a funtastic gift to give to that special someone in your life--I highly recommend "birthday girl" gift set by philosophy. Even if she has everything a girl could ever want she is going to love this cute and functional set!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lip Rescue 911: MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lip Conditioner

The weather here in Southern California has been so crazy this year. Really extreme--it's hot; it's cold; it's windy; it's dry; is it about to rain? All these drastic changes in such a short amount of time is starting to cause havoc on my skin and hair! So I have had to kick up my consistency with my beauty regime.

My biggest pet peeve is that I cannot stand having dry lips so I have practically lived with my MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in my hand. I love the way it makes my lips feel so moisturized and soft and perfectly tinted. The conditioner is very emollient and the vanilla flavor and smell that it leaves is addicting. I need to have my lips in prime condition so that I can really jazz them up for this holiday season. You know...matte, dark, glossy, shiny, glittery...all the different choices for fun holiday lips!

Also, on another note, I always prep my clients with a tinted lip conditioner and seriously-- everyone loves it! When it comes time to apply any formula lipstick the tinted moisturizer does a wonderful prep job!

This product also makes a perfect gift for everyone. There are some people out there that don't really care for much makeup or those of us that are absolutely obsessed with it and this product meets both those needs. We can all use a little bit of lip therapy right? Go to your local MAC counter today and find your favorite shade. Mine is Petting Pink. I hope Santa puts more of these in my stocking!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beyond Blushing!

I love the fall and winter time! The mornings and nights are getting chilly here in Southern California and our sweaters are now coming out of hibernation and making their way towards the front of our drawers. I was watching my kids play outside a couple of evenings ago and I was just in awe at how beautiful their skin looked. My daughter who is pretty fair and my son who has more of an olive tone complexion get pretty tanned during the summer months. Well with their tans fading and their skin lightening to their beautiful shades I couldn’t help but notice how the cool air left the most pretty sheer pink tone to their cheeks. Of course I think my kids are absolutely stunning just like every mom out there feels about their children but It also reminded me of the blushes I have in my kit and all the different formulas and textures that blushes come in. So I've been inspired to share.....

Of course my makeup case is full of every texture and formula of blush that MAC cosmetics has to offer along with some cult favorites that I will pay tribute to too! So here is the breakdown of MAC blush formulas and textures:


“FROST: Iridescent, lightly shimmering colour. Adds highlights: provides a frosted "bloom" to the cheeks.”
I love these for the holiday seasons. They are also beautiful as cheekbone and temple highlights

"MATTE: Flat matte finish. Goes on lightly. Builds well. Blends with the skin."
—Matte blushes have always proven to go on really well on more matured skin and I also love the way they photograph! I like to use more of a Matte textured blush during the holiday season where there are lots of pictures being taken and my makeup is done a bit more formally.

"SATIN: Light refractive sheen-style finish. Adds subtle highlights to the skin."
–Satin blushes are definitely the way to go when you are unsure of what finish you are really looking for. I think anyone can get away with wearing a satin blush and look absolutely fabulous. It’s the best of both worlds: sophisticated and perfectly highlighted.

"SHEERTONES: Shy-on tints in a sheer-on micro-refined powder. Not transparent. Goes on faint. Looks real.
–Alright, I know I am not supposed to play favorites but I have to admit that the sheertone formulas are my absolute favorite! They go on like a beautiful watercolor. So natural as if the color just looks perfectly placed.

"SHEERTONE SHIMMER: Jet-milled and micro-fine, just like Sheertone, but tickled with just-enough shimmer to make light dance on the cheeks.” –Again, my favorite blush that MAC makes. It’s a beautiful subtle highlighted blush that makes me feel like I look fresh and awake even after putting in a 12 hour day!

The other interesting thing about the sheertones is that in the pots they seriously look like they are going to pack on an intense color on your cheeks—which is deceiving because like I said once you start to apply the color it comes out more like a beautiful watercolor for the cheeks. My favorite color is dollymix—which looks like a super bright pink but applies like a perfectly pinched cheek! I like to also use my sheertone blushes as eyeshadows sometimes. They are just so pretty!

BlushCr√®me: Luxuriously soft and creamy, this cream blush tenderly flushes the cheeks or brings them into full-blown rosy bloom. Blends well; layers exquisitely. Gives a vibrant, dewy fresh, slightly shiny look to the cheeks. Apply with a brush or fingers.—I probably use the blushcremes more than you might expect. I almost always use them on homecoming and prom applications. I just love the dewy look that these blushes leave. Also, when you have skin more on the oily side these blushes are awesome! As well as the exact opposite—they also make skin on the dry side more pretty and vibrant.

My cult favorites that I have to pay tribute to in order make this post complete are—drum roll please:

Benefit Cosmetic’s BeneTint—Of course an amazing product. You can stain those cheeks, lips, and even eyelids with this rose infused must have multi-purpose cosmetic.

Tarte’s Cheek Stain: It’s notorious for it’s long wearing power and beautiful dewy finish. I actually keep one in my purse for a quick pick me up when I need a quick makeup application! I love Flush

Last but certainly not least:

NARS: Orgasam. Need I say more? Absolutely, with out a doubt, the color that truly looks good on everyone. I started pairing it with NARS Sin blush and just felt that the duo not only looked great together but also aways made for a good conversation starter!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Never say you will never wear bronzer....

My sister Michele and I are total BFF's! I adore her! Not only are we really great friends but I'm sure she had something to do with my obsession with cosmetics....maybe it was the makeup applications she would give me when I was nine years old to look like her (which was a very glam punk rock look)! And of course I was walking around like I was hot stuff since I knew I was looking like my big sister--right down to the monkey boots, fishnet tights, plaid skirt, and random punk rock top. Those days were so much fun. Anyways, where I am going with all this is I am always very excited and privileged when my sister can come and work with me on a job. There are times where the wedding party is just too big for little 'ole me to handle all by myself. So a couple of weeks ago I had a large wedding party and Michelle was up to the challenge of coming and helping me out with the girls.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few things that Michele had brought with her that I didn't have. Specifically some Too Faced Cosmetics products. Of course I couldn't wait to get my little fingers on those. Especially since my sister who NEVER would wear a bronzing powder was raving about Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer: She wasn't kidding. The bronzer is not only totally cute but perfectly functional for almost everyone! I absolutely loved it too. I ended up using it on almost half of the girls I did makeup on. It has a very pretty and subtle highlight to it and just enough pink to it that your face looks fresh and bright. Loved it!

On our way to the wineries where we had our job, Michele was like, "try this..." and handed me over a clear lipgloss. I put it on and immediately loved how slippery and emollient it was. Then immediately my lips started having a stinging sensation. "What's in this stuff?" I asked her. She then informed me that it was the Too Faced lip injection plumper: Well the product definitely lived up to its purpose. My lips certainly had a nice bit of plumpage going on and were a pretty dark pink color. I hadn't used a lip plumper that I felt was as effective until using this one. I liked it!

The final product that Michele brought to the table that was AMAZING was Too Faced Eyelash Injection. This mascara was awesome. I again used this mascara on all most everybody I did a makeup application on. It without a doubt plumped the eyelashes and made look thick, full, and long. The brush on the mascara wand was very thick and plush too. I loved how this mascara gave that very pretty thick doll like eyes. The girls lashes were beautiful even without adding any false lashes. I was certainly very impressed. I can't wait to go out and add these products to my own kit. Although I wouldn't mind having my sister around for all the makeup jobs I do. That would be fun! Thanks Michele--Love you!

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Days of Our Lives

So, what a crazy last couple weeks this has been. Many events have occurred that have left me in a serious tailspin. From being surrounded by fires, having my home become a safe haven for Grandma until she could go home, the kids out of school due to poor air quality….not to mention a Halloween party, carving pumpkins, Halloween makeup, Trick or Treating, the Harvest Festival, cheer-camp, two birthday dinners for some dear friends, some very special visitors and oh did I mention I also carry a full time job?! I’m exhausted all over again just writing down the list! So although the last couple of weeks have been trying I have also re-discovered a few beauty gems that I had not brought out for a while and I would love to share them with you!

First, the week of the fires was horrible. It was hard to breathe without my chest aching and my hair, skin, and nails really did not respond well to the poor air quality. After my hands became so dry by the end of the week I broke out my Rosebud Salve and started using it as an intense moisturizer for my hands. I had severe hangnails on almost every finger and decided to also dig out my cuticle oil—what a miracle that was. I wish I had a brand name for it but I don’t. It just comes in a tiny bottle with a cap with a brush on it. I brush the mango smelling oil onto my super dry cuticle and within a day my fingers were all healed up. Thank goodness too because I had a big wedding party that I did today and that would of looked horrible coming in with my fingers all dry and irritated—no bueno.

Next, my skin was a wreck….very dry. I started to use my six phase Isadermix system that I have and I swear my skin has never looked better. I will be posting on these products specifically in the very near future so I don’t want to go into to much detail tonight but basically it is a system that consists of Step 1—cleanser, Step 2—microdermabrasion, Step 3—toner, Step 4—Intense Vitamin C Serum, Step 5—Day time moisturizer with a SPF 30, and Step 6—Night time moisturizer. I am completely amazed at what these products have done. I’m totally hooked. And after I gave Grandma a facial while she was staying with me using those steps plus the Face and Neck Lift product all there is left for me to do is throw my hands up in the air and yell, “Hallelujah!” And Grandma totally felt the same way. She was speechless after the results of one cycle with these very awesome products! More to come later….. (Bet you can’t wait!)

Now that things have settled down a bit and my family are back in their homes and safe I could focus on Halloween. I love doing makeup for Halloween. Lots of glitter, foiled eyelashes, and breaking all the general rules (as far as makeup applications are concerned)! I can be such a rebel—I know. I had a good time doing my daughter, Belle’s makeup and her best friend, Annie on Halloween. They looked so cute as a graveyard fairy and a pirate. So cute! We had caked on glitter because we could not get enough of it. The eyeliner mixing medium from MAC was my best friend when it came to packing on that glitter! Check out me and my daughter at a Halloween party:

So that brings me to today. What a wonderful day it was. I had a great wedding party in which all the women were so sweet, kind, and beautiful (inside and out). My sister, Michele was there assisting me on the job and that made my day even that much better. My sister and my passion of doing makeup all together…what a glorious thing!

We had our Strobe Cream from MAC going full force. Those women looked absolutely radiant by the time we were done with them. We did very pretty and very different looks on each girl. I totally appreciated the willingness and great communication to ultimately achieve looks that everybody was satisfied with. I left that job feeling so energetic and excited knowing that those beautiful women were about to celebrate a party of a lifetime. And my bride was so sweet and absolutely stunning she could take anybody’s breath away. I wish her and her hubby all the best.