Saturday, January 16, 2010


The last year of my life has been completely consumed by my commitment and dedication to continue my education in obtaining my teaching credential and masters in education. I honestly was unsure what to expect since it had been so many years since I had done my undergrad work--and I'm not going to lie--life has been crazy hectic! I didn't really expect that I would miss THIS industry as much as I have in this past year! I've been privileged in the past to pursue my passion of doing makeup, researching, and being hands on with cosmetic, fragrance, and skincare lines,...and then writing about it all--BONUS! So, I am very thankful when I am introduced to lines that are new to me and I get the opportunity to try them out. This is where ELLIS FAAS comes in....

What a cool line of cosmetics from ELLIS FAAS! From the sleek packaging, amazing product, and very cool developer behind the line--I am truly impressed at this very high class, top quality, and functional line. I'm not surprised since the creator or ELLIS FAAS is a former makeup artist too! Her amazing reputation and experience working in Paris, New York, and L.A. definitely gives her credibility and expert knowledge in what a makeup line should look like and consist of. Again, I'm thoroughly impressed! The colors in the cosmetics have amazing pigment. As a matter of fact--this is the first line where the pictures of the make up in the brochure and on-line actually look like the same color of the actual product. I love that! I've been using the Creamy Eyes in E205 and the Milky Lips in L201.

First of all, the Creamy Eyes product is a liquid (creamy texture) eyeshadow that applies evenly and dries to a semi matte. I was super impressed with the durability and the coverage. Without a doubt I need to add more colors to my existing makeup collection!

The Milky Lips in L201 is a wonderfully translucent red lipstick. The color has a really beautiful warm undertone which, in my opinion, is one of the best shades of red I have ever worn! This is the season for darker shades...especially red lipstick! The lipstick is pretty long lasting. I didn't need to reapply except for after eating or drinking--but that was okay because the lipstick left a great red stain on my lips without any type of bleeding. I like that too....I can just add a simple gloss or cherry chap stick on top of the stain once the lipstick wears off if I choose to not reapply.

So, in a nutshell--ELLIS FAAS makeup line is absolutely incredible! I love the innovative packaging (check out the pen holders and the all in one holder at the ELLIS FAAS website ) What a great way to keep your makeup bag well organized and everything you need in one spot! Brilliant! I hope you are as impressed as I am! Check it out!