Monday, March 17, 2008

Smell Good=Feel Good!

I am amazed over and over at how our senses truly play such a big role in our attitude and mood. I just went through a pretty intense knee surgery and have been feeling like blah just lying around completely unhelpful. I never realized what a complete control freak I am until I really came face to face with having no control over anything and completely depending on the help of my family and friends for everything. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life that are willing to sacrifice their time and joyfully take care of my needs. THANK YOU : ) Anyway, as I was laying here feeling blah I knew after three full days of no showering I was in desperate need of a sponge bath and a good hair wash. After finally getting the “okay” to go up stairs I was anxious to smell and feel clean and refreshed.

My hair desperately needed to be washed. I had dry ends and an oily scalp, tangles galore, and my hair certainly didn’t smell good. I had some products that I had wanted to test out from Crème of Nature. I knew this was a perfect time to try out this organic infused hair care line even though it has been designed for ethnic hair my hair situation was definitely going to put these products to the test. I used the Kiwi and Citrus Moisture-Active Shampoo first. It smells so good! Kiwi is known to protect hair while citrus is known to cleanse. The shampoo lathered up so nicely and my scalp felt cool as I rinsed the shampoo out. I decided to follow up with a special Jojoba and Olive Oil Moisture-Active Deep Conditioning Treatment. I felt like my hair really needed a deep conditioning and this Crème of Nature treatment really delivered great results. I massaged the product into my hair and left it on for twenty minutes while I gave myself a sponge bath. The jojoba is a conditioning agent and skin protector and the olive oil provides conditioning, strengthening, and improves the elasticity of the hair. My hair felt silky and smooth as I rinsed out the conditioner and it smelled fabulous. I followed my conditioning treatment up with the Lemongrass and Rosemary leave in Conditioner just on the ends of my hair which were extremely dry. Crème of Nature totally delivers! My hair feels healthy, clean, and repaired. Yes! Two thumbs up to great organically infused hair products that provide clean, soft hair.

Once my hair was clean and undergoing a deep conditioning….it was time to have a sponge bath! I filled up my sink with hot water and pumped out some “Luv” body wash by Sharon Bolton Scents into the water. I thoroughly washed down my body and then rinsed off, dried off and then lathered myself in “Luv” body lotion by Sharon Bolton Scents. Oh my gosh….I already felt a million times better just from that process. I’m a girl that ALWAYS wears perfume or fragrance of some sort. I couldn’t justify spraying on perfume as I laid “out of it” on the couch but fragranced body wash and lotion are a different story. I needed to use a body wash and I always need to apply lotion on my body after I shower—and actually throughout the day. I’m known as a serious lotion addict. So to use my Sharon Bolton Scents products just seemed to make good sense to me—after all they are my very favorite and I always feel pretty when I know I smell irresistible. Even if I was laid up on the couch I suddenly felt good, positive, and ready for a speedy recovery.