Saturday, May 30, 2009


I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. I have had a stack of intentions and so many products that I have been using that I want to talk about but this grad program is kicking my butt! I don't even know what "free time" is anymore. So now that I am on the total verge of burn out and have four chapter reviews due, a power point presentation due, an essay, and classroom observation due, I have decided to blow it off for a few minutes and write about some products that I have been using lately and am really enjoying!

Where do I begin….okay…it's gotta be about eyebrows today. Since I am short on time but still like to look somewhat put together every day I like to focus on eyes. A couple of weeks ago I went to work without makeup on (which I usually always wear…especially lots of eyeliner since I love smokey eyes) and the kids were like, "Mrs. Fuehrer, are you okay? You aren't wearing any makeup!" Little did they know, I did have mascara and lip gloss on…just no eyeliner! For crying out loud, I don't want to not look like I'm not feeling well just because I don't have a smokey look going on! What do fifth graders know anyway?! It still got me thinking and I decided to show those fifth graders that I'm no one trick pony and I can wear many different looks! So, I have been exposing my new more natural looking eyes lately. I can still look decent and made up with just a few key products!

I needed to clean my eyebrows up. I've been very loyal to Angel at the BeneFit Cosmetics Brow Bar at the Promenade mall in Temecula but I couldn't resist going to the new kiosk that opened up that does eyebrow threading. My sister has done it many times and swears by it. I had to give it a try! So I went, and it was a pretty interesting experience. I think getting my eyebrows waxed is faster and less painful but I have to admit that the threading technique gave me a fantastic shape and really clean and defined lines. I liked it. I've gone back twice now but I'm starting to miss the BeneFit Brow Bar. I'll probably go there next time my brows need some work. Anyway, once your eyebrows are cleaned up and shaped nicely it is easy to maintain and define a beautiful look. I do this by staying loyal to some of my favorite products by Anastasia.

Anastasia has come out with a very clever product that is a 2-n-1. It's an eyebrow pencil on one end and the most fabulous eyebrow gel I have ever used one the other end. So convenient! I love when things are easy, simple, and multipurpose. Instead of having a zillion things in your makeup bag this is an easy way of having two essential products in one! Thank you so much! That's not all that I am happy to talk about from Anastasia….there is also a brand new mascara that is the bomb! My lashes look longer, fuller, and very black! I love that this mascara doesn't cause all my lashes to clump together in a sticky heap. Instead my lashes stay separated and volumized. I also like the fact that when I get watery eyes or remove this mascara my eyeballs don't sting. I hate when that happens!

All I have to say is when it comes to brows and lashes…Anastasia has got it right! There hasn't been a product yet that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed from her company. I have a friend that used to get her brows done by Anastasia herself way back in the day. She is always so impressed when I talk about these amazing products and has to mention how much she enjoyed getting her brows done by her in a little tiny hole-in-the-wall place before Anastasia became the eyebrow guru she is known for today. I love stories like that.