Thursday, May 24, 2007

A cup of coffee and products by Skyn Iceland are all I need to start my day!

I love being able to try out new products! It is so much fun for me. I have been testing a few different lines over the last six weeks and I am really happy with the results from the products. Today I’m going to focus on a line called Skyn Iceland. This is a skin care line that I have been using every morning for a couple of weeks. There are several things that I love about this line. First off, the scent of the products is very invigorating which really awakens my senses first thing in the morning.

After I wash my face and then moisturize with the Antidote Daily Lotion (so awesome!) my skin feels tingly and cool. It’s that kind of peppermint-y cool feeling that really wakes you up and adds life into dull morning skin. Second, my favorite thing about any moisturizer is when it absorbs quickly and dry’s to a natural finish and Skyn Iceland does just that. My skin feels soft, it smells good—and the biggest surprise is that it make’s an awesome base for my foundation! My makeup looked beautiful all day over the moisturizer-- Even after I worked out at the gym! I totally recommend that you try out this line if you love soft skin, could use a nice pick me up in the morning, and are looking to simplify you daily routine by using one less product-a primer for your foundation—since the moisturizer doubles as a great primer!

Check out their website at It is so informative and the line has a lot to offer. I'm throughly impressed and love feeling like I don't need to try to hard to get beautiful soft skin when there are products like the ANTIDOTE from Skyn Iceland.