Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ever since I was a young girl and fascinated with Brook Shields and the other power supermodels-- eyebrows have always been a favorite feature of mine on the face. The way eyebrows frame the eyes and give so much expression and personality it’s fascinating to me as both a makeup artist and an avid people watcher!

A few years back when I first heard of Anastasia and her boutique in Beverly Hills I made a personal vow that one day I would definitely experience what she has to offer. I haven’t been there yet but it has been a pleasure to have her products here at home and now part of my makeup kit.

Well groomed brows make all the difference in the world when making a statement with your eyes. Even if you are unaware of it…we all make statements with our eyes even before we open our mouths. We make eye contact when we speak to people. We sometimes speak through our eyes in the way we look around or the way we look at other people. There is no better way to looked bright eyed and approachable then to keep well manicured brows and to use eye brighteners or illuminators to help our eyes look open and awake. And guess what….Anastasia of Beverly Hills has all the answers and products to help us achieve our well groomed, bright eyed, beautiful eyes. Better yet…we can do it all from home (although a trip to Beverly Hills would be a hoot)! Anastasia made grooming our eyebrows from home as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need. I have the five piece kit and it’s incredible. We’re talking tools like tweezers (the BEST I have EVER used), a double ended brush (slanted angle on one side and spooley), stencils (four in all to find your most perfect shape), brow powder (which helps give definition, shape, and fill in any voids), and lastly brow gel (to keep the perfectly done up eyebrows in place)! Then you can highlight and brighten up your eyes with EYE LIGHTS SHIMMER and/or EYE LIGHTS MATTE. You just apply either or both products beneath your eve brows on your brow bone and both in the corner of your eyes and outer corner to help open up those eyes, cover up dark and puffy eyes, and look fresh and awake. Every time I do special event makeup I never forget to do these steps. It makes all the difference in the world.

Who doesn’t want approachable, bright, playful eyes? Anastasia has really earned her title of eyebrow guru and expert and her products don’t disappoint but instead offer a quick and easy way to achieve glamorous results simply at home. Check out her website at www.anastasia.net to check out the full line of products and read all kinds of amazing tips she has. I promise you will be beyond satisfied but addicted to beautiful brows after experiencing products by Anastasia.