Thursday, February 08, 2018


BONKERS--no other way to describe it. The (current) story of my life. Work is beyond busy, deadlines seem to approach at the speed of a bullet, and I'm annoyed that we've been having weather in the mid to upper 80's for the last couple weeks. Can we please get some sweater weather, So Cal?!!! Geez! I live for a break (Saturday and Sunday) from the madness. I want to curl up in front of the fireplace in a sweater and cozy blanket and catch up on all my "reality" TV shows (my very guilty pleasure). But naw, those plans are just not happening! Instead, I'm catching up on emails, reports, and lesson plans while listening to podcasts (Thank you to Slow Burn and This American Life for keeping me company lately). Once my work chores are completed I've kept myself busy with decluttering, reorganizing, and moving things around in the house for a "new" fresh look. I've taken time to do some good cooking and attend church weekly--which is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I can be the queen of excuses but I truly am trying to live up to my New Year's intentions--with attending church more regularly being at the top of that list! I also thought it would be good fun to have a Bachelor viewing party with a few friends every Tuesday night. And just to add one more thing to the crazy, I wanted to make cute little valentines for my (adult) babies just to remind them of all things "love" as we lead up to Valentine's day. It's more work (in a good way) then it sounds remembering to write a love note each night for each kiddo. But it is cute and worth it if I know these little hearts make them smile :)

"What does this have to do with Beyond Blushing Beauty Blog," you ask? Nothing, which is why there hasn't been an update to the blog in a few weeks! Ugh, I SO wanted to be able to update weekly with a fun beauty update....sigh.....Especially ending the month with my "hits" and "misses" for the month and review of subscription goodies. Goals and fingers crossed that I can do this in February!!

So even though this review is a bit delayed, I want to write about my January Birchbox. It was pretty decent with one STAR product, if I do say so myself. Let's start with my proclaimed "STAR"!  Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner! Ahhhhhmaaaaazing! It's got a felt tip and the liquid eyeliner glides on SO smoothy and dries to a perfect opaque matte black. It stay put (no smudging or flaking) and added to creating an easy, simple winged eye!! I haven't been this excited about a liquid eyeliner since I discovered Blinc (many, many moons ago!!) Hip-hip-hooray!! Two thumbs up!!

It was kind of fun testing out my birchbox products since they all went very well together. I was able to give myself a modest mini facial and also do my makeup and hair!! I added a couple of other items Santa Baby put in my stocking that I was wanted to test out too (like the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Mask). But first things first-- After quickly cleansing my face with a Nuface towelette, I started my little facial with Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator exfoliator. Man, this stuff had some GRIT!! And it left my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom! I liked it....alot. I followed it up with Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel. I didn't like it. For some reason I thought it was a mask that you leave on and then PEEL off. Doh! So there I was scrolling through my social media accounts waiting for this "mask" to set so I could peel it off and it never did!!  After about 10 minutes (when I thought I should have only needed to wait 3) I washed the product off and was underwhelmed to say the least.--More on this in a sec. I just shrugged my shoulder and figured, you win some; you lose some.

I moved on to my Juice Beauty Stem Cell eye lifting patches. I was totally into the process. I geek out over stuff like this!! You open the kit, lay the algae patches out, shake the capsule of "activator" and then poor over the patches soaking them in what ever magical eye lifting ingredients the product comprised of. As I lifted the patches out of the kit they were EXTREMELY delicate and one ripped in several areas as I went to apply it to my face. The other didn't and all was good. I figured I had another 10 minutes to wait while my patches were getting happy and decided to open my phone and read reviews on the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel. Immediately I felt dumb. The first sentence in the directions literally says, "This is not a mask" followed by very specific directions on how to properly use the product. AWKWARD, even though I was the only one who knew I used the product wrong I still felt like an "ass" assuming I knew what the product was and how to use it properly. Since then I have followed the detailed instructions:
"This is not a mask. Cleanse skin and leave slightly damp. Spread gel thinly and quickly over your forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, and decollete. Quickly begin massaging these areas in a circular motion with slightly damp hands using light to moderate pressure. After 15-20 seconds, solids should form under the fingertips. This means the peel is activating correctly as the gel is now combining with your dead skin (proteins). Massage for 2-3 minutes or until all of the gel has combined with dead skin. Cleanse area again." 
I must say, when used CORRECTLY, Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel is quite awesome!

I continued my process of getting ready by removing my eye patches. Honestly, I didn't notice ANY difference after using the algae activated eye patches. I must say, I was disappointed. Literally NO DIFFERENCE.....and I promise I followed those directions perfectly. Maybe I just got a bad batch? I don't know, and I probably won't know since I doubt I'll spend the money on the patches after my first impression.  WaaaWaaaaah. I figured I'd give my face a few minutes to just sit, clean, without any products on it and focus on my hair. It's no secret that I only was my hair twice a week, maybe three times if it's been styled or has more product in it than usual. I LIVE by adding dry shampoo on the days between washing so I was definitely happy to see that a dry shampoo was added to my birchbox. I knew, without a doubt that this product would not go to waste!! Amika Perk Up dry shampoo delivered. It passed the "Smells Amazing" and sprays on cleanly tests! I hate a dry shampoo that lives a white residue on your hair. Nothing attractive about that!! With my hair straightened and styled I was finally ready to put on a light, fresh makeup look before setting out for my day!

There's not much more that I love then a tinted moisturizer. Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 matte tint is FOR REAL!!! I loved how smoothly it glided on adding the perfect "blur" effect. I knew I would be out in the sun for a good part of the afternoon and was 100% satisfied by the coverage and the SPF protection I knew I would be getting. I will definitely be repurchasing this product for Spring/Summer this year!!

That pretty much completes January's BIRCHBOX goodies with a few extras thrown in there too! Overall, *****FIVE STARS***** in my book!

One last thing I want to share my excitement about is this LaColombe Triple Draft Latte that I picked up at Trader Joes last week. First, this little latte has a whole lot of zip! It's equivalent to two and a 1/2 cups of coffee!!! I'm a coffee lover (but a light weight). But honestly this stuff is BOMB!! And just a cute side note story, minutes after snapchatting this picture of my beverage, my daughter had a customer come in holding a coffeeshop cup with the La Colombe name on it. She told the lady, "My mom just added a picture of a product from that brand on her snapchat! Where is the closest La Colombe coffee shop?!" Apparently there are FOUR locations in Los Angeles!! Just another reason to plan a trip sooner rather than later to see my little lady and head on over to La Colombe!

So, what subscription goodies have you gotten recently? Any hits or misses? Any embarrassing "lack-of-following-directions" stories you can share with me so I don't feel dumb and alone? Would you travel two hours to try a new coffee shop?? I want to hear from you!!

Till next time.....xx

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Should it stay or should it go now....

Did the Clash, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" tune go through your mind with that title?? I was certainly singing it as I was deciding what makeup products should stay or go (as I've been in a de-cluttering mode since the new year). Let me be honest with you, folks; I did not do the initial "deciding" of what should "stay" or "go." I kindly asked my daughter and her bestie to clean out my makeup drawer, while I was away at work, giving them total executive decision, for what I should keep and what I should trash. The only guidelines that I gave them was to set aside the MAC products so I could recycle them for a free lipstick, eyeshadow, or lipgloss (you all know about MAC's recycling program, right??  Six items can be "recycled" in exchange for a free lipstick--at all MAC counters or the option of a lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow at a MAC store) and the other guideline was not to get rid of any of my new products or the products I use regularly. Simple enough, right?!

Anywho, I've been saying that I was going to clean out my makeup drawer for months but I just couldn't bring myself to throwing product away--even though I had product that I haven't touched for weeks, months, ........years!!!! I know. I know.

But the good new is-- it's done! And I feel good. And I don't miss ANY product. And I LOVE how clean and organized my makeup drawer is!! Win, Win, Win, Win!!!

The goal now is to start paying attention to those little expiration labels. You know about those, right? Apparently there is a stamp/sticker that advises you how long you should keep a product after you open it. Whoa, mind blown!! I had no idea. We know the general rules/expirations--like don't keep mascara for more than three months or discard lipsticks after a year BUT  eyeshadows and eyeliners last forever, right? No. They don't.  Just recently my daughter pointed out that product life sticker on the bottom of an eyeshadow palette I have. So go check out your products and look for the 6 month, 12 month, etc. product life label and take note how long you should be holding on to your little beauty makers!!

So do you need to overhaul your makeup drawer? I pray I'm not the only one!! Haha!! Cheers to de-cluttering, organizing, and keeping it fresh!!  xx
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Monday, January 15, 2018


WARNING! More "Beyond" than "Blushing"....

There's just something fantastic about January and new beginnings. Maybe it's the short days and long nights that provoke a sense of urgency when it comes to developing a plan, or organizing, or putting into practice those new year resolutions and intentions. Being an eleventh hour warrior, I appreciate the sentiments of January and an opportunity for reflection and new beginnings. It's no exaggeration that every year for the last decade (plus) I have made a new year's resolution to not go to bed with my makeup on. That instead, I would add to my night time routine a time to take really good care of my skin. That would comprise of a good face wash, toner, moisturizer, and I'm sure some kind of eye serum. I even told myself that once or twice a week I would also implement a home facial including exfoliating, a nice steam session, followed by a mask and then a night time moisturizer. Good plan, right? Easy enough, right? Yeah! Why oh why can I not stay committed to this plan!! I've defaulted 90% of the time to using a quick makeup removing wipe while laying in bed calculating how many hours/minutes of sleep I'm going to get before my first alarm goes off. It's pathetic.

In Lisa's perfect world, On a typical workday I would wake up at 6am, snuggle with my pups, shower, put on my makeup, get dressed, leave my humble abode, stop for a vanilla latte, and get to work by 7:15ish to give me a few minutes to chit-chat with my co-workers before going into my first meeting at 7:30am. I would then be off work by 3ish, stop at Trader Joes for that night's dinner, arrive back at home by 4pm, snuggle with my pups, answer some emails, check out my social media accounts, prep/cook/eat dinner with my man and little man (when he's off work), catch up on the day over a nice glass of wine or cocktail by the fire, and/or take the pups for a walk, watch some TV while cleaning the kitchen and picking up, and then head up stairs by 8 or 9pm for my nighttime routine which would consist of everything I mentioned above, and finally lay down and fall fast asleep by 9:30pm. Sounds like a decent plan, right? I think so however my life is super busy and chaotic including restless nights, rushed mornings, late afternoons into evening at work, rushing to get home by 6:30 or 7pm two to three nights a week, resulting in being too tired or busy to cook but instead picking up dinner or simply being content with cereal, or toast with PB, or an apple and Funyuns for dinner (not kidding!). Still I always find time for cuddling with the pups, a quick check in with the hubby, maybe some TV while taking care of any unfinished work "stuff" from the day. My hubby and I are typically both exhausted by the end of the day and are ready to hit the sack by 9ish. I get ready for bed by changing and quickly grabbing a makeup wipe while crawling into bed praying that I will fall asleep quickly and get a restful night sleep.

With many long talks with my husband, and several tears of exhaustion, I have identified the problem. Time management and PRIORITIES are all out of whack. I'm working on it. Hard. Over the last six months my priorities have been re-evaluated and I have made some changes with some great results. Obviously time with my family is crucial. Whether it's cooking/eating together, running errands together, completing chores together--I just want to be together. I want to talk; I want to listen. Aside from my most important relationships being my number one priority next would have to be my health and wellness. I'm falling short in this area. Work definitely comes before my health and wellness and one of my new year's intentions was to change this. Starting with a better night time routine--taking better care of my skin and getting a good nights rest!

Now on to the "Blushing"....

For years I have LOVED doing at home facials. I cannot even remember how long I have done this but it has been at least a decade and a half!! When I'm not reaching for a MAC wipe (or Clinique make up wipe OR Philosophy make up wipe) I actually have a great routine.

**side note on Makeup remover wipes. I love the MAC brand the best and now that they have come out with a "gentle" version that doesn't make my eyes water--I'm doing a happy dance. The wipes cleanse, tone, and moisturize. love them. LOVE THEM!!

Back to my full service skincare routine:

First, my hair goes back in a ponytail with a headband in place to keep my hair out of the way. I typically start with a makeup wipe remover followed by a gentle facial wash. Lately I've been using Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel. It smells good and my face doesn't feel dry or overly tight after washing. I might need to re-wipe my eyes after I was my face if all the mascara isn't removed with my facial cleaner. While I'm washing my face, I put a pot of water on the stove to heat up to a gentle simmer. After I'm done washing the makeup, sweat, pollutants, (sometimes dried tears....JKNR) off--I prep for a steam session to open my pores for a deeper clean. After my pot of water comes to a subtle simmer I add some lose tea to the pot--maybe a quarter of a cup. I always use something with lavender or chamomile in it. Both are soothing and relaxing. I recently bought a night-time tea pack from Teavana that "Chamomile Bloom" and "Lavender Dreams." But are AWESOME!! I put the pot of seeping tea on my counter, grab a big towel and drape the towel over my head as I lean over the pot. Essentially I am creating a steam tent. I breath slowly, take in the calming aromas from the tea, and just spend that time quieting my mind and praying. I probably spend more time then I need to in this meditative state--maybe 15 minutes. Once done with the steam session I pat my skin dry and reach for a mask.

Picking a mask is so hard when you have a lot of options (which I always do). Origins probably makes my favorite masks. Whether it be a Rose Clay retexturing mask or Active-Charcoal mask to cleanse out the pores even further. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE their "Drink Up--Intensive" overnight mask. I also really like Cucumber Gel mask by Peter Thomas Roth for hydration or the Rose Petal mask by Fresh is BOMB!! (Eventually I will get my hands on a Glam Glow mask but as of now I haven't). The tightness that happens as a mask is drying feels so good. And I always try not to smile, talk, laugh, or make any sort of facial expressions but I fail EVERY time! Hahahaha! Another 15 minutes later it's time to remove the mask with a washcloth and warm water and then a quick pat dry.

The last few steps are pretty simple and fast. I'll take a cotton pad and a toner--usually rose water is my go to. I've used a simple basic one that I have picked up at an Indian grocery store (I don't know why this rose water is so amazing but it is!) or I have used Mario Badescu's rose water toner forever. I recently heard they came out with a Lavender toner. I need to get my hands on it ASAP!! A quick wipe all over my face, neck, and decollate with my toner drenched cotton pad and a minute to dry and my face is prepped and ready for a moisturizer and eye serum.

For the past few months I have been using Night-A-Mins from Origins. I'm literally obsessed with how soft and silky this moisturizer makes my skin feel within minutes. AND it smells good. I'm huge on scents. I like my products to smell good. You guys, I honestly LOVE, sincerely, this moisturizer. (BTW, been using Peter Thomas Roth Rose stem cell moisturizer every morning and it's everything!). Once my moisturizer dries (about a minute or so) I will reach for whatever eye serum I grab first. I'm testing out a few different products currently. One from Origins, one from Bare Minerals, and I just picked up another from Murad. All good. And all smell good and do not leave a gooey residue on or around my eyes. Face and eyes are perfectly cleansed and hydrated and feeling super good. A quick swipe of Rosebud Salve on my lips to keep them soft and moisturized and my facial routine is complete.

Done! And if you read to the end then I am both thankful and humbled that you care so much about what I have to say. I am truly blessed.

What are your skincare routines? Would love to know what tips, tricks, and favorite products you are using!!

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Warm and "Toasted"

Do I NEED another eyeshadow palette? No. Do I constantly find new eyeshadow palettes that I WANT? Yes. I’m especially a sucker during the holiday season when eyeshadows are a bit more shimmery or glittery. While browsing through Ulta one day with my daughter I was fixated on a particular palette- Tartelette Toasted by Tarte.  

The first time I laid eyes on the shimmery neutrals, shiny coppers, and glittery browns I was in eyeshadow heaven. My arm was swatched up and the pads of my fingers were painted with the beautiful colors of the palette. I swear, I was just playing and knew that I didn’t need to purchase another palette but had fun dreaming about the coppery looks I could wear with this palette. We left and I didn’t think about the palette again. Just kidding. I’m sure I mentioned it a couple of times in conversation with my bella Belle, aka my daughter, aka the-girl-after-my-own-heart, aka beauty industry major at FIDM LA. (LOL, it’s kind of fun ((most of the time)) having adult children!!) A week or so later I was celebrating my 41st birthday and my daughter handed me over a gift. To my wonderful surprise it was the coveted Toasted by Tarte!! Yea!!! So, if you are one who loves a little bit of shimmer and sparkle but like keeping it somewhat neutral--check this palette out!!

Tarte Cosmetics. Have you checked them out?

My experience with Tarte cosmetics, as a whole, has been great. Originally I became familiar with this brand after trying their Lights, Camera, Lashes. Bomb mascara!! I still love it and the packaging is awesome (I’m always a sucker for good packaging). My daughter swears by Lash Paint. She claims that it adds length (not volume) for a more natural looking long lash. I need to give it a try!! The other product that I used religiously as a makeup artist was their cheek stains. So dewy and pretty. And most importantly--long lasting!! So what do you use from Tarte? I’m dying to know!! #Tarte #TarteletteToasted #BeyondBlushingBlog

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Monday, January 01, 2018

This Foundation Is The IT!

Happy 2018, beauties! There is something that just feels good about a new start. January one, twenty-eighteen! Wow! A fresh new year. New goals. New opportunities. New attitude. Ahh yes, all good!! The fresh start of the year is also a time where many of us make new year's resolutions, or more positively, the phrase I've adopted,-- "New Year's Intentions!" I've made the same resolution many times before, "stop going to bed with my makeup on" ugh! I know, I know. Again, another embarrassing fact (or bad habit) that I'm sharing about myself. Before I lose all credibility, I do typically use a Clinique or MAC cosmetics makeup remover wipe. They get the job done...just not as thoroughly as somebody who respects their skincare regime should be content with. Anywho, once again, I INTEND to do better with my nighttime beauty regiment. SantaBaby spoiled me with some amazing products that I INTEND on using on a regular basis. Once I get a "feel" for these products (Origins Night-A-Mins, Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell cream and anti-aging cleanser, and some other goodies) I'll let 'cha know what I think in a future reviews!

As far as skincare goes, I've always acknowledged the good genetics I've been favored with. My skincare habits have been unique due to my specific needs -- My skin is not too dry or too oily; Not too blotchy or too prone to acne. It's just normal. Normal. The most bothersome trait is that I'm neither perfectly olive toned or perfectly pink toned--but instead a little bit of both depending on the area of my face.

**Sidenote--have you ever paid any attention to the color of the veins on the inside of your wrists? If you take a look you will notice that your veins are either bluish or greenish. This is a good indicator if you are more warm toned or cool toned. As a makeup artist you are asked to foundation color match ALL THE TIME. I learned very quickly that if I paid attention to the color of a clients veins on their inner wrist I could quickly find the right undertone and match the client pretty quickly :) So, take a look, are you more warm (greenish) or cool (bluish)? Or are you more complicated like me and have both colors?**

I have always mixed tones of foundation or mixed a tinted moisturizer with an opposite toned powder. Or a pink primer with a warm sheer coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer. I've tried numerous combinations and it wasn't until recently that I was introduced to IT cosmetics by my daughter. Remember, the girl after my own heart, who is studying marketing in the beauty industry at FIDM, and currently works at Ulta! Yeah, her. (She's so cool! Haha!) She was raving about the foundation and I could visibly see a change in her skin. She just looked perfectly even and had subtle blur and glow. I was intrigued and decided to use my 20% off Christmas promo coupon and purchase "Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+" in the shade "Light". I was skeptical at first. Typically my daughter and I have opposite taste in foundation. She likes full coverage; I like sheer coverage. She likes super matte; I like a little glow-y/dewy. But I was really, really impressed by how pretty her skin looked so I was happy to give it a shot.

The very next morning after receiving my new CC Cream, I prepped my skin (moisturizer and primer--I will review at a later time) and applied my new foundation. I was immediately impressed that I HAD to STOP application and take a progress picture and an after picture to show a couple of my BlushingBeauties at work how awesome the product is!

I was giddy and excited at how pretty Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ left my skin looking. The pros: --> SPF 50+, --> a little goes a loooong way (one pump is enough for my entire face), --> dries to a beautiful natural matte, --> tends to have a nice aroma-therapeutic scent (kind of like a lightweight tea tree oil scent), and honestly this product is the best color correcting/balancing that I have ever used! The cons: --> I didn't discover this product sooner! Lol! Honestly, folks, this is an awesome foundation option and I HIGHLY recommend it!!

I know there are a lot of skincare teasers in this post. What moisturizer am I using, which primer, and HOW do I actually apply these products?? I have to leave some mystery and questions so you come back and read some more!! Until then....go be beautiful! xx
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

A "Wrinkle" in Time (pun intended)

First things first. I need to just touch on this span of time that has gone by in a wink of an eye. A span of time that has taught me some valuable life lessons along with some tough love, and thankfully moments of pure joy. A decade. An entire decade. This is the amount of time that has gone by since I first started dabbling in documenting my experiences with cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances! Whoa, geez! So much has happened over the past decade. An experience of broken bone hell (you can read all about it at: diary of my broken ankle hell), degrees earned (SpEd teaching credential and Masters Degree), careers started (from freelance makeup artist to high school special education RSP teacher), purchased and built a new home, my awesome sassy pants daughter graduated from high school and eventually moved on to study marketing in the beauty industry at FIDM (a girl after my own heart!),  a sweetheart son who recently turned eighteen and is on the verge of graduating high school, TWO fun little dogs--my precious fur babies whom I adore, and amazing personal successes such as celebrating my 20 year wedding anniversary (July 8, 2015) with the love of my life. We know there were a few naysayers calling us "crazy kids" when we were 18 and 21 years old, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes, and reciting our vows to each other but we knew THIS...WE... were experiencing true love. Clearly, a lot has gone down in the past decade! With the exception of my broken ankle hell, which I still have pain and issues with, I prefer to dwell on the accomplishments rather than the struggles, tears, and hurts,--of course there have been plenty of those too.

On November 26, 2016 I officially entered into my forties. I was excited about it. My dearest friends and family spoiled me all month long. My husband and I also planned a big trip to Napa, CA with a few of my closest friends and celebrated the right way! It was an exciting time...I just felt a little more grown up and accomplished. I know it sounds silly but I tend to be a little on the insecure side even though I know I have so much to be proud of. It's conflicting and lame but it's an honest struggle. Maybe coming into 40 was a new beginning for me in the sense that I could really own this decade and be confident in who I have become. So, a year into the decade and I'm working on it. I'm making progress and that feels good.

Now, beauty, hair,  cosmetics, skin care, fragrance--What this blog is REALLY about! Not gonna lie, SO much changes as you age......mature. I went from loving glitter all over like nobody's business to really appreciating a perfectly placed highlighter and a simple shimmer in all the right places. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love a pair of those sparkly VANS I've been eyeballing for the past few months
but for my beauty regime, I'll leave the glitter on the nails, jewels, and accessories! I've come to really value and appreciate fine skincare and the process and work that actually needs to be put in. I've been one of those fortunate souls who has not really had to do too much to maintain healthy looking skin. It's a "pro" in my running pro/con checklist that I keep in my head.
However, also on that checklist, in all capital letters, are WRINKLES and FINE LINES. You've seen them. Those stupid 11 lines that deepen between the eyes--like you're concentrating really hard or are really pissed off. Haha. Yeah those.  I blame my previous broken ankle on the development of those lines too. I'm in constant fear of tripping and falling so I walk with my head down concentrating (hard) on the ground beneath me, squinting my eyes--probably because my eye sight is going too, but whatever, I'm still blaming the broken ankle trauma--causing these deep, DEEP, 11 lines between my eyes.
And then the kicker question I am often asked, "Lisa, are you okay?" because I look worried or mad or confused. LOL. Well, I finally had it. And the month I was turning forty I also was researching and asking a lot of questions about BOTOX. I didn't think that I would actually ever go through with it but after numerous conversations about it with people I trusted and a great recommendation I figured, "what the heck; I'm doing it!" I scheduled my appointment and begged my hubby to come hold my hand and calm my anxiety as I had needles stuck in my forehead in the name of vanity. It was actually a quick and painless process. I wasn't expecting it to be so easy and I wasn't expecting the sensation that I felt as I was injected with the botox. It was this weird feeling or sensation/sound that reminded me of a needle going through iceberg lettuce. It tripped me out a bit but in less then two minutes I was done. And within 10 days those stupid, deep 11 lines were a lot less visible. Success!! I found myself saying to my husband, "look! I'm trying to make my mad face!" as my botox-ed forehead remained still and smooth. Haha!

It is recommended that you maintain your botox treatments every three-four months. I spent about $130 with the new patient special that was running and the botox running approx. $8/unit. Not bad but, Ummm, maybe maintenance would be more possible if I wasn't living off a teacher's and a painter's salary, or had a young adult we are supporting through college, or car payments, or a mortgage payment, or just normal expenses!!! And frankly, I'd rather spend the $150 I spend on getting my hair done every two to three months vs. botox injections so I decided to see how long I could really go before I felt like I really wanted to get injected again. I did well and waited an entire year.

The deep lines between my eyebrows never really came back as bad as they were initially however I noticed that I started getting more fine lines on my forehead where I raise my eyebrows and those awesome crows-feet around my eyes. So, right after I turned 41, just over a month ago, I decided to go through with round two of botox. I went to a new place based off of a recommendation and this time I went alone, like a big girl. The PA who would be doing my injections was lovely. She was sweet, beautiful, and made me feel very comfortable. Within no time we were talking fine lines and wrinkles and I was just like, "do what you think will look best!"

Mind you, I already thought that my skin, fine lines and all, looked to be in fairly good shape so I wasn't expecting much. I thought she might want to touch up those 11 lines and maybe talk about those crows feet but instead she recommended a whole lot more. Awk. Before I knew it I was getting Injections across my forehead and around my eyes.
Yikes! Not sure if it was all 100% necessary but I do like the results--just not the price tag that it took to get the results--or that uncomfortable conversation with my sweetheart when I had to explain why there was such a large charge on our credit card. Whoops. Happy birthday to me......????

Anyway, my annual birthday BOTOX kicked off a renewed love and focus on skincare and inspired me to start talking all things beauty again. Like I used to. A long, long, long time ago. When I was freelancing in my twenties and early thirties and thrilled to spend hours in Sephora or in conversation about hair, nails, skincare, makeup, and fragrance. So I'm working on a little friendly all-things-beauty review collaboration and will share more on that later!! Until then, welcome back to my journey. Glad you're here to keep me company <3 nbsp="" p="">

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Obsessions....

Sometimes I wonder if I will grow out of my little obsession I have with cosmetics, skin care products, and fragrances. My prediction is no. It's so much fun! The last couple of weeks I have been playing with a look that just feels soft, dewy, and fresh. I was inspired to do this look because of one product: Rain's lipgloss in Peach Midler. It's such a perfectly pretty peach lipgloss. With a subtle sparkle and lots of shine it's what I consider a PERFECT lipgloss. Not sticky or thick but emollient and conditioning. It's awesome and Rain offers a great variety of colors!

So with my Peach Midler lipgloss I just thought it deserved a soft and pretty look to showcase it. NARS illuminator in "orgasm" was the perfect product to mix in with my tinted moisturizer for my dewy glow. It's such a beautiful effect. Clean and soft. I've kept it very simple with my eye makeup. I start with Kat Von D's eye shadow primer (it's super good!)layered with Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (a neutral eyeshadow with lots of sparkle). Then a sweep of liquid liner in black for a sultry cat-eye followed by a few layers of black mascara. Voila! My look is complete! Takes me 10 minutes top to get ready and I feel like I have a great day look for work or a casual weekend day! For now, it's a simple look that I love all inspired by a great lipgloss!

What will inspire me next....?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

happy holidays!

Where does the time go? Much has changed in my life since my last post. I got my first official teaching job, received my masters degree, and started getting grey hair. Boo. I'm sure all of the above relate to each other some way some how : ) The things that have stayed constant and have provided me much escape from my hectic life is spending time with my family and my pursuit/past-time/obsession with messing around with cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance.

To be honest, there hasn't been much time for playing with new products. I've stuck with my tried and true products and have narrowed the time it takes for me to get ready in the wee hours of the morning to about 20 minutes. My faithfuls remain to be: That Gal primer (benefit cosmetics) mixed with, either face & body foundation (mac)or a tinted moisturizer by either Urban Decay or Benefit (I still can't pick a favorite between the two), Sugarbomb (benefit) or Orgasm (NARS) or Sin (NARS)or Pink Swoon (MAC) for blush (just depends on my mood--and outfit), Kat Von D's awesome eye primer, and then a quick application of a neutral eyeshadow (all different brands), still lots of eyeliner--I like MAC's powerpoint eyeliners and Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners, Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte, and finally lipgloss (any will do--but Sephora brand seems to be my favorite of late)! Of course I finish myself off with either a quick spritz of a fragrance or a quick swipe of a rollerball--Luv (Sharon Bolton) is still at the top of my most favorite of all fragrances--and it's time to reorder! All that and I'm ready for my day and feeling put together!

Now that the holidays are upon us, I find myself taking time to stroll through the cosmetic department at our Macy's here in Temecula. My has that department changed since I worked there several years ago. Yes we had all the usual counters, Benefit, MAC, Clinique, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.. But now the department is bursting at the seams with many of the amazing lines in the cosmetic world--just a few fantastic lines they've added are Bare Minerals, Philosophy, Urban Decay, a Benefit Brow Bar, and much more! Yes, Sephora is my personal place of nirvana but I love walking through a department store like Macy's and having all these wonderful lines at my finger tips to literally touch, feel, smell, and discover.

So, during this holiday season I am going to take some extra time and go play and discover new favorites to be found. My daughter has taken a liking to the very cute line, Tokidoki--and I absolutely love the packaging! Have you made any new discoveries in the cosmetic world as of recent? Please do share!

Happy holidays! Take out your red lipstick, glitter, and go be beautifully merry!