Monday, November 23, 2009

Victoria's Secret: Velvet Amber Blackberry Eau de Parfum

Surprise! Surprise! I love to smell good. Not just "good" but "GOOD!" There is a delicate science to achieving smelling GOOD vs. smelling tacky, cheap, and over the top. When I walk in a room I don't want people wondering "whoa! how much perfume does she have on?!" Instead, as I make my way through a room I want my scent to evoke thoughts like. "Mmmm, she smells clean, good, sweet, (you can feel in a pleasant adjective) is it her perfume, lotion, shampoo, what?...I want to be near her!" This is what I consider mastery in subtle fragrance wearing 101.

So my birthday is in three days and the only things on my birthday wish list are fragrances! I have practically run out of all my favorites. Not surprising since I'm the kind of lady that will put on some perfume even if all I am doing is going to pick up the kids from school! In the meanwhile of anxiously waiting for which fragrance my hubby and kids will pick off my wish list I am wearing the newest scent from Victoria's Secret. I have to admit--this is the first perfume I have ever bought from there. I had gone shopping for some lotion and they were having a special promotion for their newest scent--Velvet Amber Blackberry. OH MY GOSH! Smells so good. Like pure sweet floral goodness! I forget that I even have it on until I happen to wave my arm in front of my face or bring my hands/wrists up to my face. Then I am instantly delighted in my subtle aroma.

This is proof that my addiction just keeps getting worse! I now have another "favorite" to add to the list....