Monday, January 26, 2009

my lipstick revival

I feel guilty. I have turned my attention away from what once was an obsession of mine....LIPSTICK. My obsession started in high school. I religiously wore dark berry colored lipsticks in which every morning I would come out of the bathroom and my mother would say, "blot your lips, honey. you don't want to look like you got smacked in the mouth." I laugh now but back then it was so irritating hearing that every morning. I liked my dark lips against my fair skin and big brown eyes. That was the point. I swear, hearing my mom tell me to "blot my lips" everyday will haunt me forever. Even as a grown woman (and being a makeup artist) I still fear that my lipstick is too dark and I give an extra blot just to make sure I don't look like I was "smacked in the mouth!"

So I think once I became a mommy, eleven years ago, I kind of put my dark lipsticks away and started to opt for lighter lip glosses. Slowly a transition was made and before I knew it, I would buy lipsticks that I was attracted to but then kind of put them in the drawer and forget about them. "This is crazy!" I thought to myself. I decided to put my lip glosses on standby and bring lipstick back!

The holidays were a perfect time for me to do this. I like doing "holiday makeup" and nothing goes better than rich berry hues, reds, and warm browns. Even on the days where my eyes were too dramatic (in my opinion) to sport a bold lip too, I opted for a classic nude lipstick.
My foolproof method for applying stay proof lipstick is very simple. I make sure, first of all, that my lips are well conditioned. I personally love rosebud salve to provide a perfect well conditioned lips. Next I like to prime my lips. My favorite product to use is Urban Decay's eyeshadow potion. I know it's for the eyes but I absolutely love it on the lips. Not only does the product provide the most perfect foundation but it also nudes out the lips giving a perfect canvas for any color lipstick I chose to wear. Now I was ready to put on whatever lipstick I would showcase that day!

These have been my choice favorites...

Nars: Roman's a pretty pink that is sweet and innocent.

Clinique: Black Honey...this might be borderline lip gloss but it is a gorgeous dark warm wine colored glossy stain. Oldie but goodie.

MAC cosmetics: "O"...this lipstick has multi colors depending on the color lip liner you wear. It could go red, brown, or burgundy--so awesome! Also, Rocker, makes a great sparkly red lipstick!

Elizabeth Arden: Ruby of the most amazing red lipsticks I have ever had! Absolutely gorgeous. I wore this one often along with another red, Poppy Cream--a totally classic red.

Urban Decay: Midnight Cowboy...this is one of their newest shades. I actually loved this lipstick. It lasted a long time but it was shimmery and emollient like a lip gloss. Best of both worlds. It's a great neutral everyday shade.

Chanel: Vamp...a classic. A gorgeous ultra dark plum-y shade. This shade makes me feel dark and sultry. Seriously, give it a try and see what kind of attitude you take on!

I found the following picture here:

So crazy! Will we be so shocked in the future when we find the "vintage" pics of our eyebrow stencils? Food for thought....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Win! Win! Heavy Metal and 24/7

I wear many hats...and by "hats" I don't mean those things you put on your head. I mean that I fulfill many roles such as wife, mother, sister, daughter, dedicated friend, and student, and I get paid for the roles of substitute teacher, makeup artist, and nutritional cleansing advisor. You might wonder why I am telling you this and what does this have to do with either makeup, skincare, or fragrances. Well, depending on the role I am playing I get to focus on different types of makeup, different colors, and different application techniques. you're following where I'm going!

Basically when I'm not in the classroom or in a traditional setting where I have to behave somewhat modestly and appropriately I choose to have a lot of fun with bold looks with my makeup. Sometimes I love to do a traditional look and maybe jazz it up with a subtle stroke of sparkly glitter on top of my eyeliner or a vibrant punch of colorful fuchsia gloss in the center of my lips. Other times I enjoy being totally bold and colorful with blues and purples and greens or a mixture of different bright colors on my eyes. It's artistic expression and freedom and it keeps me feeling young and spunky!

Urban Decay has been a long time favorite choice of products for me. The Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay has been an absolute favorite for me. The colors are bright and bold or chic and dazzling and the actual product is high in quality. The gel based liner goes on very easy and dries quickly to a stays-put won't flake off product....and it lasts all day--or night! I've been wearing glitter in or on my makeup for the past fifteen years and will probably die with some time of sparkle on my body. These Heavy Metal liners have never let me down but instead keep on impressing me especially with the latest launch of amazing colors in StageDive (bright green), CatFight (hot pink), Groupie (light pink), and Midnight Cowboy (gold). YEA!!!

If you are really experimental and like to change things up from time to time try layering these Heavy Metal liners over top Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on EyeLiner! This is what I love to do. You can create so many combinations of colors from being subtly sparkly to bold and glittery. The latest colors inspired by the beautiful peacock to join the 24/7 EyeLiner family are: FlipSide (a beautiful shimmery teal blue), UnderGround (a metallic taupe), Grafati (an awesome bright green), and Ransom (a killer purple). These eyeliners on their own STAY PUT! They go on smoothly and dry to a smudge proof and waterproof amazingly long lasting eyeliner. Then, if you are like me, and LOVE to add extra pizazz you can really kick it up a notch with layering with those Heavy Metal glitters. It makes an amazing duo!

These product are one way I can either kick it up a notch when doing my makeup or add a touch of fun to an everyday look. Eyeliner is only one medium that I use. Check back soon and read about the magical cream eyeshadows, the wide range of lipsticks I love to use, and other key products to sparkle and shine and turn ordinary routine makeup to extraordinary!

Monday, January 05, 2009

The FIRST Highlighting Brow Kit to hit the market!!!

Happy New Year my friends! There's nothing like starting the new year with NEW product! It makes me giddy! Especially when I get to introduce the newest most cutting edge product on the market. This time the kudos goes to: ANASTASIA of Beverly Hills. They have revolutionized the market with their brand new Highlighting Brow Kit which is the FIRST baked brow product to hit the market!

I've been testing it out for you and of course it's AMAZING! There is a highlighter trio that is shimmery and natural and also a trio of brow shades so you can mix and match your perfect brow shade. The shadows can be used as is or if you dampen your brush a little you will kick up the effects for a bolder look. Very cool. I love multi-functional products! I also used the dark "brow" shades with a dampened flat angled brush and used the product as an eyeliner. It stayed on and looked natural and flawless all day. I think the 2009 brides are going to go crazy for this product. It's perfect for your wedding day and as a kit to take with you on your honeymoon!

Thanks Anastasia for this multi-dynamic product. The quality is amazing and is priced just right....only $32. You can go out and get yours on January 29th at Sephora! Don't wait. I'm sure this will be one of those products that will be hard to keep in stock.