Monday, January 05, 2009

The FIRST Highlighting Brow Kit to hit the market!!!

Happy New Year my friends! There's nothing like starting the new year with NEW product! It makes me giddy! Especially when I get to introduce the newest most cutting edge product on the market. This time the kudos goes to: ANASTASIA of Beverly Hills. They have revolutionized the market with their brand new Highlighting Brow Kit which is the FIRST baked brow product to hit the market!

I've been testing it out for you and of course it's AMAZING! There is a highlighter trio that is shimmery and natural and also a trio of brow shades so you can mix and match your perfect brow shade. The shadows can be used as is or if you dampen your brush a little you will kick up the effects for a bolder look. Very cool. I love multi-functional products! I also used the dark "brow" shades with a dampened flat angled brush and used the product as an eyeliner. It stayed on and looked natural and flawless all day. I think the 2009 brides are going to go crazy for this product. It's perfect for your wedding day and as a kit to take with you on your honeymoon!

Thanks Anastasia for this multi-dynamic product. The quality is amazing and is priced just right....only $32. You can go out and get yours on January 29th at Sephora! Don't wait. I'm sure this will be one of those products that will be hard to keep in stock.

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