Monday, September 15, 2008

Cosmetic Stains = Freedom....What?!?

I love anything that sparkles, shimmery eyeshadow, yummy smelling fragrances, a great pair of shoes, candles, girlfriends… It’s no question that I am a girly girl and I enjoy my girly world. There is so much in my girly life that I would like to experience and see that truthfully I can not stand wasting my time on things that need to be redone over and over (with the exception of applying lip gloss)! Honestly! When I apply my makeup in the morning I expect it to stay on and look good for the duration of the day. I take careful time to prime my skin just right so my foundation, eyeshadow, and blush look fresh and pretty all day. And I’m sure to use a setting spray and powder so that I can go without havening to blot my skin more than a couple of times a day. Last thing I want to be remembered for is the “girl who always had her mirror out fixing her makeup!” Ugh! Not for me.

This is why I am so thankful when I truly find those amazing products that help make our lives so much easier and our makeup picture perfect all day. Come one and come all and add these amazing products to your makeup regime:

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Marker. An actual eyebrow stain marker that is a universal color and adheres to both your skin and hair. The application is smooth, soft, and subtle. Not only is it a “stain” which is equal to longer wear time it also helps improve the wear power of all your other favorite Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow products that you would apply over top of the eyebrow marker. So, those misshaped or sometimes sparse eyebrows are easily transformed into beautiful perfect shaped brows making your eyes standout in a natural and powerful way!

Tarte Cosmetics 4 Day Stay Lash Stain. AHHHHH! It’s like the Heavens opened up and a ray of light came down and landed on this amazing product. I definitely have the 4 day lash stain on my pedestal! Not only is the mascara amazing…it also conditions your eyelashes with a great water based formula and a B5 vitamin and mineral pigment to help thicken lashes and still look pretty and natural. And honestly it does stay on for a few days!!! I love, love, LOVE, this product!

I couldn’t be happier to share both these products with all of you. Anything to make our crazy, hectic, busy lives a little easier and still look glam is just what the beauty doctor ordered! So go be beautiful…but please enjoy all of life too without worrying about how your makeup is holding up…but instead know that you look just as put together as you did when you spent the time putting on your makeup for the day!