Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Simple Scents

Happy Holidays! Things are definitely different this season then any that I can remember. We are experiencing a lot of changes in our economy, government, and work which, of course, impacts our personal lives. I've noticed the stress level rise all around me and I have decided to take a different approach...an attitude of gratitude. There is always something in our lives that we can be grateful for. It does not always have to be the big materialistic things sometimes it's the simple things in life. It's a gesture of love or a simple appreciation for the beauty in nature that surrounds us.

Personally, I choose to see the glass half full. I just recently lost my father and although it makes me tremendously sad that I don't have the opportunity to hold his hand and tell him I love him I can look back at his long life and see how he chose to live a humble life where family and hard work was where the heart is. He worked hard and his family came first. He enjoyed gardening, hunting, and working on his cars. He kept himself well groomed and those were his simple pleasures.

It got me thinking about my simple pleasures. I also love my family and friends and I appreciate the gift of time. As far as personal indulgences go I LOVE coffee, I LOVE burning candles and sitting by a nice fire and I LOVE to smell good! It makes me laugh as I write it down. I know it's okay to enjoy these things. I also am thankful that I have a humble blog that I can share my opinions and talk about the pretty things that bring me joy!

I've been wearing perfume since I was about twelve years old. Do you remember, Love's Baby Soft...lol. I eventually graduated to a more sophisticated scent...liz claiborne...lol again. Next was Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden and by the time I was a senior in high school my choice fragrance was Obsession by Calvin Klein (a pretty sophisticated scent for a 17-18 year old young lady--don't you think?).

Throughout the years I just really found an appreciation for different types of perfume and how these different scents provoked different feelings in me.

Some made me feel sweet and innocent for example Nanette Lepore and Thymes Kimono Rose.

Others made me feel a bit playful and flirtatious--for example Benefit's Maybe Baby and Issey Miyake.

I feel sophisticated and "grown up" when I wear Badgley Mischka Fleurs de Nuit.
I have a couple of "everyday" scents that I really enjoy too...most recently the Harajuku Lovers "G" was given to me as a birthday gift--Thanks, Kristie--you are a doll! It smells like "vacation" to me and I've been wearing it often (I would love a real vacation!).

I even have a "holiday" scent now--which reminds me of Christmas. Red Door Shimmer is one that is available now for the holiday season and it's a good one! It's sultry and playful and it makes me feel warm and cuddly.

One thing that hasn't changed for two years is my favorite perfume oil of all: Sharon Bolton's Luv. I wear it all the time and I am literally addicted to this fragrance. I feel like this fragrance provokes all of the above depending on my mood. It makes me feel happy everytime I put it on my wrists and behind my ears. Mmmmmmm!

As I mentioned above...it's the simple things in life. As you are out and about Christmas shopping this year you might want to consider giving the gift of fragrance to your loved one. You would be amazed at how just smelling good makes you feel good. Wouldn't that be a sweet gift in light of all the "drama" of life?

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Very rarely do I come across a product where I literally see amazing results after only one application. To tell you the truth, I usually test a product out for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before I review it and usually in that time...I test it out on other people and get their feedback too. Things have been totally different with M LAB.

I tested the Body Treatment Cream one night before bed. I applied the product to my feet, legs, and arms (paying extra attention to my elbows and feet since they are extra dry). It instantly absorbed into my skin leaving a very silky smooth finish and the cream had a light and fresh scent to it. Nothing to overpowering to climb into bed with. I was "happy" with the product and result so far. Never did I imagine that I was going to wake up in the morning and have the softest, smoothest, most hydrated skin I have ever experienced without paying a fortune at the spa.

I immediately made my husband feel my skin to see if he noticed how soft it was....he did...! I did some research online to find out how and why my skin felt so incredibly soft. This is what the website: http://www.mlabonline.com/ says about the body treatment cream:

"a fusion of peptides, exfoliants and hydrators help
to promote collagen and
elastin production, smooth and brighten skin tone,
and provide long lasting

The product totally lives up to the expectations of the description. How delightful! True advertising! It has become routine for me to put extra body cream on my elbows every morning and night because of how dry my skin is there. I hate the feel of rough, dry skin. I am elated that I have found a product that is so rich in moisturizer that not only do I no longer have to lather my body twice a day with body cream but the last time I used M LAB body treatment cream was two days ago and my skin (including my feet and elbows) is still silky soft.

M LAB offers a whole range of skincare products. I definitely need to try out this entire line. I have a sneaky suspicion that I would not be disappointed and possibly look years younger! Everybody needs to check out this line. It receives my highest recommendation and I can't wait to try the other products. Let me know what you think once you try this line out!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I can't get enough of the new reality show, "BLUSH"

It's awesome! Everybody who really knows me knows that my secret indulgence isn't chocolate but instead it's reality TV. And when you mix reality TV with one of my passions-- makeup....there isn't anything better!

These makeup artist are really talented and pretty entertaining. I have been "doing" makeup forever and I love that the creativity factor is never ending. I am so inspired by what other people do, nature...in general, and the idea that thinking out of the box but still being simplistic is a sure shot at being successful.

So to all my fellow makeup artists, cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance lovers, and those of you who just appreciate creativity for what it is: keep being inspired, enjoy a fun and exciting reality television show, and never stop believing in the small random acts of kindness that keep us optimistic and happy. I truly believe that "cosmetics," in every sense of the word, can bring joy. I've experienced it in my own life. I have seen women come out of their shell as they sit in my director's chair during the process of their makeup application. I have seen body language change, confidence emerge, and a flame that is lit in their spirits. Makeup artists are not just finding your perfect red lipstick or the right formula of foundation we are encouraging, giving hope and raising confidence. So finally, a reality TV show that showcases the artistic ability and human spirit behind a great makeup artist. I'm so proud!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

An answer to our Anti-Aging body prayers!

Although we are officially in the fall season we are still having summer weather here in Southern California. It’s crazy! The temperatures have been well into the nineties and we are only a few days away from Halloween! Honestly, it’s time to cool down…Not only because I love the fall time weather, but also my family and I are constantly outside in this hot weather due to my kids being involved in softball and baseball. We have practices and games and I am out in that hot sun exposing my precious fair skin to more sun then I am really comfortable with. I am adamant about wearing sunscreen but I needed an extra barrier of protection and restoration for my delicate, precious, skin and my prayers were answered when I was lucky enough to be able to test out Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-Aging Moisturizer.
It’s got the amazing ingredient blend known as, idebenone, a super powerful antioxidant and a tripeptide blend which has proven anti-aging benefits. Just as we all know, sun is very damaging to our skin causing sun spots, wrinkles, and dry, saggy skin. But also we face nuisances like stretch marks, scars, and dimpled skin…but now there is a helpful solution: Preavage Body. I’ve been using the product everyday for the last four weeks mainly on my arms, décolleté, and chest (where I have had the most sun exposure) and my results are definitely visible. My skin feels and looks smoother and firmer. I am so thankful! I was never doubtful that this product would deliver. I’ve been using Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream for my face for quite a while and I still totally LOVE it.

If you haven’t tried this line yet, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. I promise… it is phenomenal! Check it out at www.elizabetharden.com or go to your local department store to get a hands on experience and then let me know what you think!

Monday, October 20, 2008

BeneFit Cosmetics Brow Bar Fun

As usual, my life is always a complete whirlwind. I’m not complaining. I really love being busy. I love having my kids involved with sports activities (although it is 5-6 days a week). I enjoy volunteering at the kids school. I appreciate any work I can get these days (“work” coming mostly in the form of substitute teaching). But with all that said, I REALLY enjoy a stolen moment to pamper myself and do something spontaneous and girly.

Just last week I had the opportunity to steal a few hours away from doing housework and other random responsibilities and visit BeneFit’s Brow Bar at our local Macy’s. It opened up approximately six weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. Once upon a time I too worked for BeneFit Cosmetics and I had always wanted to experience the BeneFit Brow Bar (which at the time the closest one was in San Francisco…I think). So my friend, Kristie, and I decided to give our brows a BeneFit makeover. We were so incredibly happy with Angel, the girl who did our brows. She was so attentive to detail, sweet, and highly skilled at her line of work. Right then and there I vowed I would ONLY let Angel touch my brows. She did a fantastic job. I thought I always had fairly decent brows but she found a way to take them to a whole new level. Your eyebrows can be so expressive and a perfect way to look “complete” without having to add a whole lot of makeup. Sorry….I got a little bit off track….So as I stole a few precious hours for myself I called my friend, Barbara, to be my partner in crime. I stole her away from her responsibilities and introduced her to Angel.

While we were at the BeneFit counter my friend, Barbara was treated to a mini makeover and I couldn’t get over the results. She looked so subtly beautiful. “Oh yeah!” I thought to myself, “this was totally what I loved about this line.” Simple, quick, and radiant are the results achieved when applying a few basic “fix-its” from the BeneFit line and best part is it only takes like three minutes! Perfect for a last minute fix up when you are running short on time, get a last minute call, or quite frankly…can’t stand to spend any longer than 5 minutes doing your makeup! Check out these products:

That Gal, a luminous primer (I definitely need to start wearing this everyday)!

You Rebel, a tinted moisturizer that perfectly evens out your skin tone while moisturizing and protecting.

BeneTint, a liquid stain that gives you perfectly rosey cheeks (and can also be used to stain your lips too). Next time you’re at a BeneFit counter ask one of the artist what BeneTint is originally infamous for….you’ll get a chuckle out of it!

I have seriously broke out my “That Gal” primer and “BeneTint” stain from cosmetic hibernation from my kit and have worn these products everyday since! By the way, when applying BeneTint, Angel showed us that if you keep a small cosmetic sponge handy, once you apply the stain on your cheeks you just quickly dab and blend with the sponge quickly and your cheeks will look perfectly pinched and not streaky. Give it a try.

I know that I’m not the only one out there with a hectic schedule and hardly any time to spare but if you can get away with stealing some time I highly recommend you visit your local BeneFit counter and give these products a shot. I’m totally loyal and after the terrific results Kristie, Barbara and I have received I couldn’t help but share my experience with you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cosmetic Stains = Freedom....What?!?

I love anything that sparkles, shimmery eyeshadow, yummy smelling fragrances, a great pair of shoes, candles, girlfriends… It’s no question that I am a girly girl and I enjoy my girly world. There is so much in my girly life that I would like to experience and see that truthfully I can not stand wasting my time on things that need to be redone over and over (with the exception of applying lip gloss)! Honestly! When I apply my makeup in the morning I expect it to stay on and look good for the duration of the day. I take careful time to prime my skin just right so my foundation, eyeshadow, and blush look fresh and pretty all day. And I’m sure to use a setting spray and powder so that I can go without havening to blot my skin more than a couple of times a day. Last thing I want to be remembered for is the “girl who always had her mirror out fixing her makeup!” Ugh! Not for me.

This is why I am so thankful when I truly find those amazing products that help make our lives so much easier and our makeup picture perfect all day. Come one and come all and add these amazing products to your makeup regime:

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow Marker. An actual eyebrow stain marker that is a universal color and adheres to both your skin and hair. The application is smooth, soft, and subtle. Not only is it a “stain” which is equal to longer wear time it also helps improve the wear power of all your other favorite Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow products that you would apply over top of the eyebrow marker. So, those misshaped or sometimes sparse eyebrows are easily transformed into beautiful perfect shaped brows making your eyes standout in a natural and powerful way!

Tarte Cosmetics 4 Day Stay Lash Stain. AHHHHH! It’s like the Heavens opened up and a ray of light came down and landed on this amazing product. I definitely have the 4 day lash stain on my pedestal! Not only is the mascara amazing…it also conditions your eyelashes with a great water based formula and a B5 vitamin and mineral pigment to help thicken lashes and still look pretty and natural. And honestly it does stay on for a few days!!! I love, love, LOVE, this product!

I couldn’t be happier to share both these products with all of you. Anything to make our crazy, hectic, busy lives a little easier and still look glam is just what the beauty doctor ordered! So go be beautiful…but please enjoy all of life too without worrying about how your makeup is holding up…but instead know that you look just as put together as you did when you spent the time putting on your makeup for the day!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Road Trippin Cosmetics...

Going on a two week road trip was quite the adventure. My husband, two kids—ages 8 and 10, my brother-in-law and his wife, and me….all in a seven passenger minivan! So when I say ‘adventure’ I mean craziness! Could you imagine the luggage alone for six people for a two week long trip? We actually did pretty good at packing minimal bags especially since I am a notorious over packer. The one thing I absolutely could not do without…even if I had to carry it on my lap for the entire trip…was my beloved MAC train case. Even though I had to be very choosey with the makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care products I wanted to bring—it would all be safe in my sturdy, heat resistant, water resistant, case.

So after our entire trip was said and done I have to admit that I fell in love all over again with a few of my favorite products. Everyday I would use Purity Made Simple face wash by Philosophy to cleanse my face in the morning and the evening. It smells so good and really does a gentle deep cleaning. I am from Southern California and traveling through the South and on the East Coast with that very hot humid weather…my face felt so grimy by the end of the day. I’m used to the dry heat and needing tons of moisturizer…but on this trip a daily deep cleaning felt necessary. Now I am addicted to using that cleanser for its gentleness and I will definitely be repurchasing it. As a side note…I also used the Amazing Grace shower gel every day. That stuff just smells sooooo good and fresh. And my skin felt so incredibly soft. I have always loved the whole Amazing Grace line and for some reason I had it stashed in the back of my medicine cabinet. One thing for sure is….it’s definitely staying out of the closet and in the shower for now on!

As far as makeup goes…you all know how much I love it. I didn’t think I would be in the mood to wear it everyday because of the weather but I think because I started out with such a great base (clean, moisturized skin) I felt very comfortable wearing it just about every day. A light coat of MAC Face and Body Foundation mixed with BeneFit’s Do It Daily SPF moisturizer was a nice way to keep my skin protected and even looking without looking or feeling like I had on foundation.

I either wore Tarte’s cheek stain in Flush, MAC’s Dollymix blush, or just bronzer on my cheeks each day.

As for lips it was either a Sephora brand sparkly lip gloss I have (not sure the name but it is a nude pink with refined sparkles in it). I love that gloss so much! Or I would just wear cheery chapstick…forever a favorite!

Now eyes….no matter what kind of eye shadows I wore I knew my base needed to be there. I swear by MAC Cosmetic Paints. They are totally tried and true and I think a must-have for EVERYONE! I personally either wear “bare canvas” or “stilife” on a pretty regular basis. Of course I had a little bit of everything as far as eye shadows go. The range was from neutrals, some bold and bright colors, and of course some darker colors and all different kinds of textures. I carried several different lines but no matter what I would start with that MAC paint. One of my favorites that I had was this really pretty Dior Palette –“stylish move 970.” It’s a great palette of five colors that you can do a lot with. I love the rich plum color along with the lighter shades which really provide a lot of versatility.

Eyeliner is another must-have…in my never so humble opinion. Again I can swear by all Power Point Liners made by MAC Cosmetics. My two must-haves that I actually carry in my purse everyday are “Stubborn Brown” and “Engraved.” They work great in the inner rim of the eye…if you are into that look. I am…I swear I am such an eyeliner lover. I can’t get enough of it and I love to wear it. I also like that the Power Point liners go on so smooth like a kohl liner but then set to a more smudge proof and water resistant liner. I still set it with eyeshadow just as added protection but I love that I can get a real defined lined or the perfect smudged and or smoky look. Blinc’s Kiss Me eyeliner also made its way in my case. I just can’t go on a long trip like that without such a long lasting, heavy duty, liquid liner. That stuff has CRAZY stay power! It is seriously the most Perfect product for that retro wing-tip liner that my husband loves whenever I wear it. I’m more of a “smoky” girl but once in a while a clean, wing tip, upper lid lined eye is simple and chic.

And of course makeup isn’t complete until you frame those eyes by taking care of our eyebrows. I was so thankful for the Anastasia Eyebrow grooming kit. Everything I needed and then some in one kit. I totally fell in love with the eye brow gel while on my trip. That stuff works so good and doesn’t get flaky at all. A total bonus in my book. Of course I had to finish eyes out with a hefty layer of mascara after a quick curl with my Shu Uemura curler. I had Loreal Voluminous mascara. I love it. Two coats and lashes look thick, long, and black!!!

I finished everything out with a light dusting of MAC cosmetic’s invisible set powder. I’ve been using this stuff nonstop since the bridal season began this year. A sheer dusting of this light weight product does the trick in setting make up and absorbing shine. It’s a winner!

Now that I am home I have a much deeper appreciation for all these wonderful products. I have drawers full of all kinds of different face, cheek, lip, and eye products which I have a total separation-anxiety-panic-attack when it comes to trying to weed some of the products out because I love it all…it was a good reminder to me that I can still have lots of options and versatility with limited supply. So my friends and daughter are stoked right now knowing that I will be going through my stuff and sharing all my treasured goodies. Of course this stuff has a shelf life and I am happy to share with other makeup enthusiasts’ like me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ever since I was a young girl and fascinated with Brook Shields and the other power supermodels-- eyebrows have always been a favorite feature of mine on the face. The way eyebrows frame the eyes and give so much expression and personality it’s fascinating to me as both a makeup artist and an avid people watcher!

A few years back when I first heard of Anastasia and her boutique in Beverly Hills I made a personal vow that one day I would definitely experience what she has to offer. I haven’t been there yet but it has been a pleasure to have her products here at home and now part of my makeup kit.

Well groomed brows make all the difference in the world when making a statement with your eyes. Even if you are unaware of it…we all make statements with our eyes even before we open our mouths. We make eye contact when we speak to people. We sometimes speak through our eyes in the way we look around or the way we look at other people. There is no better way to looked bright eyed and approachable then to keep well manicured brows and to use eye brighteners or illuminators to help our eyes look open and awake. And guess what….Anastasia of Beverly Hills has all the answers and products to help us achieve our well groomed, bright eyed, beautiful eyes. Better yet…we can do it all from home (although a trip to Beverly Hills would be a hoot)! Anastasia made grooming our eyebrows from home as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need. I have the five piece kit and it’s incredible. We’re talking tools like tweezers (the BEST I have EVER used), a double ended brush (slanted angle on one side and spooley), stencils (four in all to find your most perfect shape), brow powder (which helps give definition, shape, and fill in any voids), and lastly brow gel (to keep the perfectly done up eyebrows in place)! Then you can highlight and brighten up your eyes with EYE LIGHTS SHIMMER and/or EYE LIGHTS MATTE. You just apply either or both products beneath your eve brows on your brow bone and both in the corner of your eyes and outer corner to help open up those eyes, cover up dark and puffy eyes, and look fresh and awake. Every time I do special event makeup I never forget to do these steps. It makes all the difference in the world.

Who doesn’t want approachable, bright, playful eyes? Anastasia has really earned her title of eyebrow guru and expert and her products don’t disappoint but instead offer a quick and easy way to achieve glamorous results simply at home. Check out her website at www.anastasia.net to check out the full line of products and read all kinds of amazing tips she has. I promise you will be beyond satisfied but addicted to beautiful brows after experiencing products by Anastasia.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

INTERVENE by Elizabeth Arden

It’s that time of year again when I am just totally and completely consumed with bridal makeup! I love it. I love being a part of making a woman feel and look beautiful on one of the most special days of her lives. She knows she looks her best as she is gliding down that aisle to her beloved….her future….her hopes and dreams in front of her as she passes by her family and friends. I starting to notice that there was a difference in the final result of a makeup application on a woman on her wedding day and I needed to put my finger on what made a woman glow on her wedding day. I think it just comes from within. Like maybe from the joy and excitement or maybe from the sweet anticipation that the bride feels as she is getting ready to start the rest of her life as a married woman. Whatever it is…I am always on the look out for those products that give that “Special Glow.”

As always, I am constantly trying new products. Of course I have my constant favorites in which I am loyal to but I also from time to time find some gems that earn a spot on my “tried and true” favorites list. This is where I have just included Elizabeth Arden’s newest foundation, INTERVENE. I have used it now for a few months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am not someone who wears foundation everyday and when I do it is usually a nice sheer lightweight formula which helps even out my skin tone and tone down my freckles : ) Well, it seems like each time I have worn INTERVENE by Elizabeth Arden I get compliments on how beautiful my skin is. Last time somebody actually commented on how bright and flawless my skin looked. Wow! What a compliment….especially with my lack of sleep and hectic schedule. I felt anything but bright and flawless. So now INTERVENE has become my feel good foundation. I wear it when I need a little pick me up and I feel confident when I have this foundation on.

Elizabeth Arden has done a beautiful job in creating a foundation that actually helps pause the signs of aging with the technology of using “biodormin.” Like I said, with results of evening out skin tone, brightening skin tone, and the micro-mineral pigment liquid formula you are going to LOVE this foundation. It comes in 12 shades so you should have no problem finding a shade that works for you and with an SPF of 15 and oil free formula there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up a bottle of this foundation and try it out for yourself. I am using it on all my clients this season and couldn’t be happier with the results. Go check out more info on the product at www.elizabetharden.com

Monday, March 17, 2008

Smell Good=Feel Good!

I am amazed over and over at how our senses truly play such a big role in our attitude and mood. I just went through a pretty intense knee surgery and have been feeling like blah just lying around completely unhelpful. I never realized what a complete control freak I am until I really came face to face with having no control over anything and completely depending on the help of my family and friends for everything. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life that are willing to sacrifice their time and joyfully take care of my needs. THANK YOU : ) Anyway, as I was laying here feeling blah I knew after three full days of no showering I was in desperate need of a sponge bath and a good hair wash. After finally getting the “okay” to go up stairs I was anxious to smell and feel clean and refreshed.

My hair desperately needed to be washed. I had dry ends and an oily scalp, tangles galore, and my hair certainly didn’t smell good. I had some products that I had wanted to test out from Crème of Nature. I knew this was a perfect time to try out this organic infused hair care line even though it has been designed for ethnic hair my hair situation was definitely going to put these products to the test. I used the Kiwi and Citrus Moisture-Active Shampoo first. It smells so good! Kiwi is known to protect hair while citrus is known to cleanse. The shampoo lathered up so nicely and my scalp felt cool as I rinsed the shampoo out. I decided to follow up with a special Jojoba and Olive Oil Moisture-Active Deep Conditioning Treatment. I felt like my hair really needed a deep conditioning and this Crème of Nature treatment really delivered great results. I massaged the product into my hair and left it on for twenty minutes while I gave myself a sponge bath. The jojoba is a conditioning agent and skin protector and the olive oil provides conditioning, strengthening, and improves the elasticity of the hair. My hair felt silky and smooth as I rinsed out the conditioner and it smelled fabulous. I followed my conditioning treatment up with the Lemongrass and Rosemary leave in Conditioner just on the ends of my hair which were extremely dry. Crème of Nature totally delivers! My hair feels healthy, clean, and repaired. Yes! Two thumbs up to great organically infused hair products that provide clean, soft hair.

Once my hair was clean and undergoing a deep conditioning….it was time to have a sponge bath! I filled up my sink with hot water and pumped out some “Luv” body wash by Sharon Bolton Scents into the water. I thoroughly washed down my body and then rinsed off, dried off and then lathered myself in “Luv” body lotion by Sharon Bolton Scents. Oh my gosh….I already felt a million times better just from that process. I’m a girl that ALWAYS wears perfume or fragrance of some sort. I couldn’t justify spraying on perfume as I laid “out of it” on the couch but fragranced body wash and lotion are a different story. I needed to use a body wash and I always need to apply lotion on my body after I shower—and actually throughout the day. I’m known as a serious lotion addict. So to use my Sharon Bolton Scents products just seemed to make good sense to me—after all they are my very favorite and I always feel pretty when I know I smell irresistible. Even if I was laid up on the couch I suddenly felt good, positive, and ready for a speedy recovery.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nanette Lepore

I really get a kick out of being a girl. And a girly girl I am!!! Dabbling in makeup, skincare, and fragrances gives me such a high and I can't get enough of it. Everyday I HAVE to see what's going on over at Spektra.com to see what is new and upcoming and of course I get my doses of hellodollface.com that my dear friend, Cindy is the creator of. There is just such a multitude of products out there and I love reading people's opinions on them. It is also always my pleasure to introduce and review products that I haven't seen on other sites yet or those that I just absolutely fall in love with!!!

Okay, so everyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for packaging. Probably one of the main reasons that I owned almost the entire Benefit Cosmetics line at one point! I have been brought to my knees once again for some of the most adorable packaging I have ever seen with Nanette Lepore's new fragrance "nanette lepore." The vintage feel of the small pink bottle and the black bow with white polka dots around the round cap. I find it all so adorable. So when I opened this precious little goodie and sprayed my wrists.....Mmmmmm....a warm fuzzy just went through my whole body. The smell is intoxicating in such a whimsical way. So fresh and light but a delightfully warm undertone. I found my self starting to spray my neck, then the back of my neck, my chest, and then all over. I wanted to be a dancing doll smelling of playful sweetness with a sensual afterthought to those I passed by. This is exactly how this fragrance makes me feel. It is definitely going on my favorites list! I've often wondered what was going to be the first fragrance that I would buy for my daughter. She is only 10 now but I figured maybe for her 13th birthday I would let her test out the glamorous world of fragrance and cosmetics.....Of course in an age appropriate way. I really think I have found what will be her very first Perfume. I am so excited to love a fragrance so much that I can't wait to gift it out three years from now!

Check it out. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Elizabeth Arden, MAC Cosmetics, and Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret--All faithful, tried and true!

It's no secret that I have always enjoyed writing along with my passion of doing makeup. When I finally combined it with my passion and love for the world of cosmetics I had finally found a hobby that truly brought me joy. It's been fun exploring all kinds of different cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care products and I found testing them out on myself, friends, family and my makeup clients honestly brought me a lot of excitement and pleasure. Before I knew it I realized that coming onto my humble blog was a source of relaxation and a nice break from my everyday life. That fact didn't come so clear to me until my life kind of became turned upside down and inside out over the last few weeks. From recovering from the holiday vacation--straight into moving into a new house--to preparing for major knee surgery--while covering my bases for work, family, and home--not to mention that we will be starting wedding season here in about 6 to 8 weeks-- I have truly missed sitting down and writing about my latest tried and true products! For those of you who come back regularly--a big THANK YOU!

I have had the opportunity to try a few new products recently but I know that is a few of the older ones that have really done their duty in making me look well and rested when the truth of the matter is that I'm not! My friend and co-worker Rhonda and I went on a three day work trip to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Of course while we were there we had to be responsible and have our head in the game for work--which was successful--but how do you go to Vegas without experiencing the night life Vegas has to offer? So we worked hard all day and stayed up most of the night (averaging about three hours of sleep three nights in a row)so that we could party and live it up while we were there. Besides from LOTS of coffee and other caffeinated beverages I owe a few beauty products some major thumbs up!

So, although I only got a few hours of sleep each night I KNOW that my Elizabeth Arden Prevage night cream definitely did it's beauty sleep magic. My face looked rested and smooth and the skin around my eyes looked soft and firm. Prevage certainly is my best beauty sleep miracle maker!

Now, I also have to give kudos to my favorite MAC cosmetics product: PAINT. It has been one of favorite cosmetics for years and years. With just a thin layer of this creamy product on my eyelids under my eyeshadow I was able to go all day and then turn my daytime makeup into night time makeup in just a flash without my eyeshadow ever wearing off. I'm serious. This is a kit must have and I never go on a job without it!

Last but not least I never leave home without a trusty lip gloss. Santa actually put a few in my stocking that I had never tried before from Victoria's Secret. I loved them. I had a nude shade, a coral shade, and a sparkly pink. I brought all tree to Vegas with me and wore them all weekend long.