Monday, October 27, 2008

An answer to our Anti-Aging body prayers!

Although we are officially in the fall season we are still having summer weather here in Southern California. It’s crazy! The temperatures have been well into the nineties and we are only a few days away from Halloween! Honestly, it’s time to cool down…Not only because I love the fall time weather, but also my family and I are constantly outside in this hot weather due to my kids being involved in softball and baseball. We have practices and games and I am out in that hot sun exposing my precious fair skin to more sun then I am really comfortable with. I am adamant about wearing sunscreen but I needed an extra barrier of protection and restoration for my delicate, precious, skin and my prayers were answered when I was lucky enough to be able to test out Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-Aging Moisturizer.
It’s got the amazing ingredient blend known as, idebenone, a super powerful antioxidant and a tripeptide blend which has proven anti-aging benefits. Just as we all know, sun is very damaging to our skin causing sun spots, wrinkles, and dry, saggy skin. But also we face nuisances like stretch marks, scars, and dimpled skin…but now there is a helpful solution: Preavage Body. I’ve been using the product everyday for the last four weeks mainly on my arms, décolleté, and chest (where I have had the most sun exposure) and my results are definitely visible. My skin feels and looks smoother and firmer. I am so thankful! I was never doubtful that this product would deliver. I’ve been using Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream for my face for quite a while and I still totally LOVE it.

If you haven’t tried this line yet, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. I promise… it is phenomenal! Check it out at or go to your local department store to get a hands on experience and then let me know what you think!

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