Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I can't get enough of the new reality show, "BLUSH"

It's awesome! Everybody who really knows me knows that my secret indulgence isn't chocolate but instead it's reality TV. And when you mix reality TV with one of my passions-- makeup....there isn't anything better!

These makeup artist are really talented and pretty entertaining. I have been "doing" makeup forever and I love that the creativity factor is never ending. I am so inspired by what other people do, general, and the idea that thinking out of the box but still being simplistic is a sure shot at being successful.

So to all my fellow makeup artists, cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance lovers, and those of you who just appreciate creativity for what it is: keep being inspired, enjoy a fun and exciting reality television show, and never stop believing in the small random acts of kindness that keep us optimistic and happy. I truly believe that "cosmetics," in every sense of the word, can bring joy. I've experienced it in my own life. I have seen women come out of their shell as they sit in my director's chair during the process of their makeup application. I have seen body language change, confidence emerge, and a flame that is lit in their spirits. Makeup artists are not just finding your perfect red lipstick or the right formula of foundation we are encouraging, giving hope and raising confidence. So finally, a reality TV show that showcases the artistic ability and human spirit behind a great makeup artist. I'm so proud!!!

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