Monday, November 12, 2007

Never say you will never wear bronzer....

My sister Michele and I are total BFF's! I adore her! Not only are we really great friends but I'm sure she had something to do with my obsession with cosmetics....maybe it was the makeup applications she would give me when I was nine years old to look like her (which was a very glam punk rock look)! And of course I was walking around like I was hot stuff since I knew I was looking like my big sister--right down to the monkey boots, fishnet tights, plaid skirt, and random punk rock top. Those days were so much fun. Anyways, where I am going with all this is I am always very excited and privileged when my sister can come and work with me on a job. There are times where the wedding party is just too big for little 'ole me to handle all by myself. So a couple of weeks ago I had a large wedding party and Michelle was up to the challenge of coming and helping me out with the girls.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few things that Michele had brought with her that I didn't have. Specifically some Too Faced Cosmetics products. Of course I couldn't wait to get my little fingers on those. Especially since my sister who NEVER would wear a bronzing powder was raving about Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer: She wasn't kidding. The bronzer is not only totally cute but perfectly functional for almost everyone! I absolutely loved it too. I ended up using it on almost half of the girls I did makeup on. It has a very pretty and subtle highlight to it and just enough pink to it that your face looks fresh and bright. Loved it!

On our way to the wineries where we had our job, Michele was like, "try this..." and handed me over a clear lipgloss. I put it on and immediately loved how slippery and emollient it was. Then immediately my lips started having a stinging sensation. "What's in this stuff?" I asked her. She then informed me that it was the Too Faced lip injection plumper: Well the product definitely lived up to its purpose. My lips certainly had a nice bit of plumpage going on and were a pretty dark pink color. I hadn't used a lip plumper that I felt was as effective until using this one. I liked it!

The final product that Michele brought to the table that was AMAZING was Too Faced Eyelash Injection. This mascara was awesome. I again used this mascara on all most everybody I did a makeup application on. It without a doubt plumped the eyelashes and made look thick, full, and long. The brush on the mascara wand was very thick and plush too. I loved how this mascara gave that very pretty thick doll like eyes. The girls lashes were beautiful even without adding any false lashes. I was certainly very impressed. I can't wait to go out and add these products to my own kit. Although I wouldn't mind having my sister around for all the makeup jobs I do. That would be fun! Thanks Michele--Love you!

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