Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beyond Blushing!

I love the fall and winter time! The mornings and nights are getting chilly here in Southern California and our sweaters are now coming out of hibernation and making their way towards the front of our drawers. I was watching my kids play outside a couple of evenings ago and I was just in awe at how beautiful their skin looked. My daughter who is pretty fair and my son who has more of an olive tone complexion get pretty tanned during the summer months. Well with their tans fading and their skin lightening to their beautiful shades I couldn’t help but notice how the cool air left the most pretty sheer pink tone to their cheeks. Of course I think my kids are absolutely stunning just like every mom out there feels about their children but It also reminded me of the blushes I have in my kit and all the different formulas and textures that blushes come in. So I've been inspired to share.....

Of course my makeup case is full of every texture and formula of blush that MAC cosmetics has to offer along with some cult favorites that I will pay tribute to too! So here is the breakdown of MAC blush formulas and textures:


“FROST: Iridescent, lightly shimmering colour. Adds highlights: provides a frosted "bloom" to the cheeks.”
I love these for the holiday seasons. They are also beautiful as cheekbone and temple highlights

"MATTE: Flat matte finish. Goes on lightly. Builds well. Blends with the skin."
—Matte blushes have always proven to go on really well on more matured skin and I also love the way they photograph! I like to use more of a Matte textured blush during the holiday season where there are lots of pictures being taken and my makeup is done a bit more formally.

"SATIN: Light refractive sheen-style finish. Adds subtle highlights to the skin."
–Satin blushes are definitely the way to go when you are unsure of what finish you are really looking for. I think anyone can get away with wearing a satin blush and look absolutely fabulous. It’s the best of both worlds: sophisticated and perfectly highlighted.

"SHEERTONES: Shy-on tints in a sheer-on micro-refined powder. Not transparent. Goes on faint. Looks real.
–Alright, I know I am not supposed to play favorites but I have to admit that the sheertone formulas are my absolute favorite! They go on like a beautiful watercolor. So natural as if the color just looks perfectly placed.

"SHEERTONE SHIMMER: Jet-milled and micro-fine, just like Sheertone, but tickled with just-enough shimmer to make light dance on the cheeks.” –Again, my favorite blush that MAC makes. It’s a beautiful subtle highlighted blush that makes me feel like I look fresh and awake even after putting in a 12 hour day!

The other interesting thing about the sheertones is that in the pots they seriously look like they are going to pack on an intense color on your cheeks—which is deceiving because like I said once you start to apply the color it comes out more like a beautiful watercolor for the cheeks. My favorite color is dollymix—which looks like a super bright pink but applies like a perfectly pinched cheek! I like to also use my sheertone blushes as eyeshadows sometimes. They are just so pretty!

BlushCr√®me: Luxuriously soft and creamy, this cream blush tenderly flushes the cheeks or brings them into full-blown rosy bloom. Blends well; layers exquisitely. Gives a vibrant, dewy fresh, slightly shiny look to the cheeks. Apply with a brush or fingers.—I probably use the blushcremes more than you might expect. I almost always use them on homecoming and prom applications. I just love the dewy look that these blushes leave. Also, when you have skin more on the oily side these blushes are awesome! As well as the exact opposite—they also make skin on the dry side more pretty and vibrant.

My cult favorites that I have to pay tribute to in order make this post complete are—drum roll please:

Benefit Cosmetic’s BeneTint—Of course an amazing product. You can stain those cheeks, lips, and even eyelids with this rose infused must have multi-purpose cosmetic.

Tarte’s Cheek Stain: It’s notorious for it’s long wearing power and beautiful dewy finish. I actually keep one in my purse for a quick pick me up when I need a quick makeup application! I love Flush

Last but certainly not least:

NARS: Orgasam. Need I say more? Absolutely, with out a doubt, the color that truly looks good on everyone. I started pairing it with NARS Sin blush and just felt that the duo not only looked great together but also aways made for a good conversation starter!

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