Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bat those lashes!

Hello! I have had so many conversations about falsies lately that I figured I would finally blog on…drum roll please…..“false lashes!” Yea! They are so much fun. You can be subtle where no one would even notice or you can be out right daring and bold. Some people think they can only wear lashes for special occasions but I know people who wear them everyday….looking beautiful and soft. I always recommend falsies for my bridal clients since the false lashes make their eyes stand out more in pictures and at a distance for all those adoring on lookers. For those of us that want to add just a little bit of spice to our look there are several different sizes and shapes to choose from.

I have always bought my lashes from a MAC counter….except for the fun ones they have at the Halloween stores during the Halloween season. Anyway, MAC Cosmetics #7 lashes are an all time favorite. They look sooooo good on everyone…..and natural. I like to cut my strips in half and wear the long tips on the outer corner of my eyes and the shorter strip in my lower lash line. Layering a couple of sets of lashes is always a fun thing to do too…if you really want that thick, lush, dramatic look.

One thing you need to remember when wearing lashes is you must measure and cut them to fit your lash line. You can ask the artist at the counter to do this for you when you purchase your lashes. If you decide to do it yourself remember to trim the strip from the outer corner since the lashes are designed to fit the inner part of your eye perfectly. I always save the pieces I cut since you can have fun with the spare pieces. Try layering a few spikes to the center of your top and bottom lash line. It looks really cool in a galactic modern way. Or again, adding some extra pieces to the outer corner of your eyes give a very “kitty-glam” look.

Now, the trickiest part about false lashes is applying them. Trust me, it’s easier putting them on yourself then putting them on someone else. The trick is to put the adhesive on the strip (I use duo brand adhesive) and let the adhesive get a bit tacky. That way the lash strip won’t slip around when you place it on your lash line. The trick is to just be patient. Once you place the strip you have a second or two to push it down onto your lash line with a tool or your fingers. I use a slanted angle brush. The adhesive will dry clear but I always go over the strip with a layer of eye shadow or eye liner. I don’t usually put mascara on my falsies but that’s just my choice. You can if you want. If you don’t add mascara to them you can get more wear out of a pair of lashes. I like to use mine at least four or five times before I throw them away.

Now it’s your turn to go out and play with some false lashes. You’ll be amazed at how much you are going to love them. If they seem difficult at first to apply remember to just be patient and try, try, try and you will succeed.

Try this look: A retro kind of Audrey Hepburn look: Add a matte eye shadow like Bare Canvas Paint with Vanilla eye shadow on top. Then add a grey color like Nehru to your crease. Add a layer of liquid eyeliner to your top lid following your lash line then winging upward slightly at the outer corner of your eyes. Curl your lashes…I love Tarte’s eyelash curler…and add one layer of mascara. Try voluminous by Loreal. Next the magic is going to happen once you apply a strip of #7 and then a strip of #20’s on top of the #7’s. Now you got some knock out retro looking eyes. This is an easy day look that can be transformed to a great night look just by adding some black eyeliner to the inner rim of your eyes.

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