Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The secret to long lasting eye makeup is....

Seriously! As I begin to get ready for another glorious wedding season I start to weed through my makeup kit and sift out some of my favorite products. Sometimes things get shuffled to the back of my case due to time constraints, quick improvising, or clients tastes. But the one thing that is never forgotten about and always used is my MAC cosmetics paints. They come in all sorts of colors and textures. You can choose a shimmery nude like, Stilife or a bright red like, Flammable or an everyday-under any eyeshadow color like Bare Canvas (my favorite). All it takes is a fine layer on your eyelid to prevent creasing and adds durability to your eyeshadow. What's really cool is you can wear the beautiful colors alone or as a primer under your other eyeshadows. I personally always wear them under my eyeshadows. The paints add another dimension of texture to my eyes and again, it allows my eye makeup to look freshly applied all day. It's magical, really. I've noticed how clients who usually tend to have problems with their eye makeup creasing find Paints to be a saving grace. They agree that if you are going to take the time to put your makeup on in the morning obviously you want it to stay put--right? That's why we l-o-v-e Paints by MAC!

Try this look: (all products can be found on www.maccosmetics.com)
Bare Canvas as an all over base on your eyelid, Brule eyeshadow on top of the paint, Shroom on your browbone as a highlighter, Embark in your crease and outter corner of your eye, and a fine line of Stubborn Brown Powerpoint eyeliner on your top lid getting slightly thicker and tilted upward towards the outter edge of your eyelid and into the lash line of your bottom lashes.

This will create a clean...classic...everyday look. Try switching up the colors for different looks--like plums and pinks, or shades of green. Whatever you do...have fun and feel beautiful!

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KD Jewelry said...

I will definitely be trying this eye makeup, it looks like heaven!