Friday, March 30, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

There’s nothing more cool then improvising last minute and being totally satisfied with the results. What am I talking about? Well, short story long, my husband and I are going out of town for a quick weekend get away to Las Vegas. My morning started out crazy, as usual. I had the kids, my dog, work, and other loose ends that all needed to be tied up. So I threw my hair back in a ponytail, took care of all my responsibilities on my “to do” list, packed my bags for the weekend and jumped into the shower.

Ahhh, finally a moment of relaxation. I lathered up with some tropical smelling body wash called Tiare Flower by ILE DE TAHATI. It smells amazing….like vacation. It’s “spicy and sensual” and has a long lasting fragrance. I was able to relax just from the scent of my body wash. Once I got out of the shower I smoothed on my Tiare Flower Inu Body Lotion on my freshly shaved legs and the rest of my body. I love to layer my fragrances. It makes me feel clean and fresh and smelling exotic all day. Since Tiare Flower is made up of the precious tiare gardenia, crushed bamboo, ylang ylang, tropical frangipani and opulent tuberose and then all warmed with native vanilla—I need a fragrance that would compliment my tropical, sensual, sweet self. I knew what would go perfectly! Sharon Bolton’s, “Luv” Perfume oil.

Patti LaBelle is addicted too. So I’m in good company. I really must admit, I’m somewhat glad that Sharon Bolton does not offer a deodorant in the scent of “Luv” 'cuz I know I would look like a fool sniffing my armpits all day—and I would—I wouldn’t be able to control myself. You may think I’m kidding but go try it yourself. You’ll totally relate to what I’m saying. Sharon Bolton is going to start a culture of people going around sniffing themselves all day and asking other people to smell them too. It’s true. Ask my coworkers. I’ve been telling them to smell me all week! How embarrassing to admit to that! Anyway, after lathering up with my body wash, then lotion, and lastly my “Luv” all I could think of was-- Yes!! It all went so well together. So now I was smelling just fine and it was time to do some quick makeup.

This is where my improvising came in. I had already packed my bags with all my usual makeup. My brushes, my everyday makeup, and my fun stuff. Part of me felt like going all natural with maybe just a tinted moisturizer by Tarte and a lip stain and mascara but then I thought, “No Way! Not to Vegas.” I had to glam it up-- at least a little bit. I had just recently got a package from Tarte cosmetics and was in the process of trying everything out throughout the week. I noticed black eyeliner with an angled brush on the end and thought I would try it out. I started out with a quick tinted moisturizer called "Sunburst Mositurizer" all over my face. It's a great light-weight moisturizer that has little bronzing beads that add a natural "sun-kissed" look when you apply the moisturizer. Then I used a shadestick in a shimmery nude color called "beige-ing" by MAC all over my eyelid. Next I took my new Tarte black eyeliner called "starry night" and lined the top part of my eyes in ‘ole kitty glam style and then lined my inner “water-line” on my top and bottom eyelid. I took the brush and started stroking and smudging the eyeliner into my lash line and smudged upward too. It created and instant smoky eye. Next I was happy to use my new Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte. It’s awesome too. The brush is full and slick allowing optimum application. My lashes looked amazing after two coats! Classic! I took a little bit of sparkly black eyeshadow and defined my crease, some Moon Beam by Benefit Cosmetics and applied it on my cheekbones and brow bone and bada-bing bada-bang, I had an instant, sultry, classic look that I could be proud to wear to Vegas.
The last step was just a little bit of my new favorite lip stain called "rise and shine" by Tarte. I have both cherry and pink and I refuse to pick a favorite. I love them both! I was viva Las Vegas ready and it only took me 10 minutes from start to finish.

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