Friday, October 19, 2007

Trick or Treat?

When it comes to makeup-- we want all the tricks and that's our treat! With Halloween on the horizon I thought it would be appropriate to treat you and share some of my favorite tricks of the trade!

Today's trick has to do with the lips....and this might be useful as you make yourself up for all those frightful Halloween parties you will be attending.

When you start applying your makeup apply a lip conditioner right away so by the time you get to your lips they will be soft and subtle when you go to apply your lipstick. As you prepare your lips it is wise to always use a primer. I love both Paula Dorf lip primer and Urban Decay Potion for the lips(i know it says "eyeshadow primer" but trust's phenomenal as a lip primer!).

Next, pencil you lips in with your lipliner and then go back and smudge the liner all over your lips so that you get a nice even application without the "lipliner defined" edge. Now you are ready to apply your first coat of lipstick. Do so generously and now we are going to set your lipstick: take a tissue (if it is 2 ply--separate the tissue so you have a very thin sheet) press it up to your lips and blot. At the same time, take your big powder brush and dip it in either translucent loose powder or blot powder and brush over your blotting tissue over top of your lips. Your lipstick is now "set." Go ahead and apply another coat of lipstick (you can repeat the process again if you would like) and fix up your lipliner. Finally your lips look fabulous and your lipstick life will be totally extended even though you have a night of eating, drinking, and maybe a little bit of smooching to look forward to!

Try these colors from MAC cosmetics for a deep rich red lip: Mahagony lip pencil, Rocker lipstick and a smidgen of oversexed plushglass. It's beautiful!

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