Sunday, October 14, 2007

MAC Face and Body Foundation

So, I promised you all a review on one of my new favorite foundations. Drum roll please.......MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation! I really have fallen head over heels for this foundation. It is a water based foundation that provides sheer coverage which you can layer for more coverage if you need it. I have been using this all summer long on all my clients and everyone has loved it! It doesn't matter what your skin type is--this foundation will work for you.

As a makeup artist, I love that this product is so easy to mix for a custom shade. My own skin tone changes so much that I am constantly needing to change up my foundation. MAC Face and Body makes it so easy to blend two colors together and get a natural, soft, and pretty complexion. Once your foundation is on you can use a pressed powder to set everything and then just carry your blot powder in your bag to touch up on any shine you may get during the day.

Now for the "body" part of Face and Body Foundation, you really can use this product all over your body. Do you need to even out the skin tone on your chest? Do you have any spider veins you would like to cover up on your legs? Or simply would you just like to go out with out any hose on but need a little something on your legs? Again, MAC's Face and Body Foundation is the trick you didn't even know you were looking for. Give it a try...I bet you'll love it!

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