Sunday, September 03, 2006

In My Makeup Bag

Okay you all. Hold on tight because I have an awesome product to share with you. It's Matte by MAC Cosmetics.

This product is something I've carried in my kit for a couple of years but for some reason it had gotten pushed to the back of my case behind everything else. Kind of like that always great fitting t-shirt that you love and from time to time it gets misplaced or forgotten about but when you find it again and wear it, it feels so right! That is Matte for me in the makeup realm.

I was reminded of it today. I was finishing up a consultation that I had with a client and soon to be bride. She looked beautiful. Stunning really! She was perfectly satisfied with her makeup application and felt gorgeous.....but I knew she was missing something. I couldn't put my finger on it at first because of her beautiful blue eyes that were so striking because of the soft smoky plum colors we had applied to her lids and her perfectly pouted peachy glossed lips and her sun-kissed bronze complexion. But as I examined her closely I realized the one thing that was throwing her off for me was the fact that she had just a few large pores around her nose and on her cheeks. Ahh ha! Instantly I knew what would literally erase that problem (no, not airbrushing her pictures) Matte texture! So I asked this beautiful bride to take a seat for another second. She did and I performed my magic trick. I erased those few large pores on her otherwise flawless face with a sweep of my 190 MAC brush. She was speechless. "What the heck did you do!?" She exclaimed. "Oh, just a little trick I had up my sleeve. How do you like the way your skin looks?" I asked. She could barely even speak. She was so amazed at the results a quick second and a single product could do. Once again I am a believer. I vow to never push my beloved Matte to the back of my kit again.

FYI: A little bit of this product goes a long way. I apply it by squeezing a small amount onto my brush and then softly dabbing it on the area I want it to cover instead of just brushing it on. It's also a great product to use on your eyelids if they are shiny due to having more oily skin.


Distressed Jeans said...

So do you use it under or over your makeup? Do you need a brush to use it?

BlushingGirl said...

i definitely recommend using a brush or even a sponge if you don't have a brush. (Which you should invest in if you don't. I'll be posting on tools in the future.)
This product works well both over or under makeup. you can mix it in with foundation or MAC paints for maximum longevity for your makeup. Also, if you tend to have acne scars this is the product to use to fill the scars and use in conjunction with a foundation or concealer. I promise you'll see results with this product.

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez