Saturday, September 16, 2006

Beyond Blushing!!!

Beyond Blushing, literally! We are talking cheeks, baby! Summer is coming to a quick end and Autumn is setting in. Our sun kissed complexions start to fade a bit this time of year. We darken our hair a bit but we're not ready for the intensity that the winter brings out in our beauty scene. So I like to take this time of the year and really focus on cheeks! Cream blush, powder blush, cheek stains, highlighters, shimmer or matte? Whoa, what a lot of choices for the cheeks. Well, I'm about to share with you all the formula I use for beautiful blushing! I personally use a three step process that consists of a core color, a highlighter, and a contour color. It's a winning combination and a stunning finish. Really, sometimes this is all I do in the morning along with a couple of coats of mascara and a great gloss. It's so fresh and pretty!

Depending on your skin complexion the color and textures you use will vary. I personally love using Nars orgasm almost everyday. I tend to use it as my base color on the apples of my cheeks. On darker complexions you can use this color as a highlighter. When you smile there is an area of your cheeks that plump up and or out. This is the apple of your cheek! This is also a great area to use a Matte textured blush, a stain like from the makers of Tarte or BeneFit's Benetint. If you like creme blushes this is a great area to apply those too! And when it comes to applying creme blushes, it is certainly okay to use a brush....I do. I know a lot of people think they need to use their fingers because they don't know that it is okay to use a blush brush with an emollient product. It is! And I find that it makes for more even coverage.

Next I contour my cheeks with either a bronzer or a darker blush. I usually use a matte texture or a MAC sheertone blush as a contour. To know that you are contouring in the right place I usually start where my ear lobe begins and then follow my jaw line down curving up the bottom of the apples of my cheeks. This creates a beautiful sculptured high cheek bone. Depending on the drama you want to create...the more of a darker color you use the more intense your look will be. Please do me a favor....even if you are looking for sure to blend your contour line well. You want to create a look that blends together effortlessly and naturally. Really, we are talking everyday, not theater!

Lastly a highlighter is in order. Something with a little bit of shimmer or iridescence is always really pretty. Again, I have to go with MAC cosmetics creme color base for a great highlighter. I sweep a light color like "hush" or "shell" on the top of my cheek bone and up into my temple. Sometimes I even highlight right above the top of my outer eyebrow. It is such a pretty luminous effect.

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allrileyedup said...

I am the biggest blush idiot in the world so I usually don't wear it, but the other night I wanted to get prettied up and I printed up your instructions and followed them to a T. I felt like I was getting ready for Prom with an issue of Sassy propped up on my bathroom sink... ah, those were the days. Anyway, my cheeks were lovely