Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Obsessions....

Sometimes I wonder if I will grow out of my little obsession I have with cosmetics, skin care products, and fragrances. My prediction is no. It's so much fun! The last couple of weeks I have been playing with a look that just feels soft, dewy, and fresh. I was inspired to do this look because of one product: Rain's lipgloss in Peach Midler. It's such a perfectly pretty peach lipgloss. With a subtle sparkle and lots of shine it's what I consider a PERFECT lipgloss. Not sticky or thick but emollient and conditioning. It's awesome and Rain offers a great variety of colors!

So with my Peach Midler lipgloss I just thought it deserved a soft and pretty look to showcase it. NARS illuminator in "orgasm" was the perfect product to mix in with my tinted moisturizer for my dewy glow. It's such a beautiful effect. Clean and soft. I've kept it very simple with my eye makeup. I start with Kat Von D's eye shadow primer (it's super good!)layered with Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (a neutral eyeshadow with lots of sparkle). Then a sweep of liquid liner in black for a sultry cat-eye followed by a few layers of black mascara. Voila! My look is complete! Takes me 10 minutes top to get ready and I feel like I have a great day look for work or a casual weekend day! For now, it's a simple look that I love all inspired by a great lipgloss!

What will inspire me next....?

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Dylana Suarez said...

Nice lip color!