Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Juice Beauty Green Apple Collection!

I'm having surgery to repair my broken ankle tomorrow so I thought I would take my mind off my worries and do what I know best...focus on skincare. I thought I should treat myself to a nice at home facial since I know I will be on my back and in major pain for the next 3-4 days. I don't take the time to do facials often but when I do--my skin always feels amazing!

I had a new product that I was also dying to try! The Green Apple Peel for Sensitive skin from Juice Beauty! So, first I started out by using a face wash. Today I used the green gel cleanser from MAC cosmetics. Once my face is clean I do a simple 15-20 minute steam. I heat up water, throw in a couple of camomille tea bags, put the water and tea in a big bowl with a towel over my head--creating a nice steamy tent. I take in nice long breaths and relax as my pores are being opened and exposed to the chamomille tea steam. It is so relaxing, smells so good, and is one of my favorite parts of an at home facial. Next is when I finally got to use the new Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel product. I put it all over my face and let it set for ten minutes. This is what the Juice Beauty website says about this produt,
Designed for sensitive skin, this refining hydroxy-acid complex of certified organic apple, lemon, grape juices and raw cane sugar exfoliate for visibly improved skin tone and texture. Vitamin antioxidants and essential nutrients hydrate and nourish fresh skin for a healthy, beautiful complexion.
After I left the product on for ten minutes I used a wash cloth and warm water to remove it. My skin was looking tight and had a great glow to it. I followed up with Elizabeth Arden's, Prevage Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I love that stuff.

So, I am feeling really good in the skin care department. I know that I am going to be laid up for several days and knowing that I just did a through skin care regimen--I feel much better. I highly recommend any of the products that I used today. They are so amazing, light weight, and effective.

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