Sunday, September 27, 2009

Style Black MAC launch

I really have not been this excited about a MAC Cosmetics launch in a long time! Everyone knows that I absolutely love MAC. I've been a loyal follower for about fifteen years and was even fortunate enough to be part of their dynamic company for a few years. It's like your first love--there will always be a special place in your heart even if you go out and expand your horizons.

Anyway, I feel giddy again. Like I ran into my first love at the super market and now can't seem to get it off my mind. This launch is awesome! I LOVE eyeliner--and if you know me--this comes to no surprise. My mom used to say that I was "heavy handed" when it came to applying my eyeliner. "No, mom. I put it on like this on purpose!" She never totally understood my fixation with black eyeliner. That's okay. She thought I would grow out of it but here I am, 33 (almost) years old, and like a kid on Christmas morning excited about getting my hands on the Style Black products.

You can't go wrong with these amazing mineral shadows that have a vein of shimmer/sparkle running through them. You can wear them wet or dry and are pretty amazing. The one I HAVE TO HAVE is called Blue Flame. It's a black eyeshadow with blue pearl veining. AHH-MAZING!

There is also a black grease stick (I'm curious about getting my little paws on this), a "PENULTIMATE" eyeliner--which is basically a black liquid eyeliner that comes in the packaging of a felt tip pen. I don't have this product yet either--but as I am writing about it I am in full COVET mode. They also released a product called "glimmerglass" in which I'm very curious about. Also, they released a couple of creme color bases that my kit is incomplete without. I think a trip to the PRO store is in order.


Zim said...

Wow. That's a pretty intense color palette - is this for fall 09? Not sure if I can carry that off with my light features :)
~ Zimm

Jon said...

Wonder how one might keep a natural look with this line. said...

totally wanting the pen liner

SKartistry said...

I have the pen liner and love it! it's in my make-up kit right now! this collection was perfect for me to get creative with, i was so excited for it's launch!

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