Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beautiful Bright Youthful Eyes...all thanks to Anastasia!

I swear that I feel like I have just experienced Christmas in July! I have been faithfully using the newest and greatest product from Anastasia: Line Erasing Serum. It says it all in the name! My results have been superior and one to boast about! My skin is totally concealing the hectic lifestyle I lead and I owe part of that to the line erasing serum by Anastasia!
As I am creeping into my mid-thirties, going to grad school, raising two children (one being pre-adolescent), and being the most perfect wife, mom, student, friend, sister, daughter I can be—I can use all the “line erasing” I can get!
Seriously, I have pretty fair skin—probably the Spanish and Irish in me—and although I tan nicely, I still try to avoid those harmful sunrays. This can be kind of difficult living in beautiful Southern California so I slather on SPF like it’s going out of style to keep my skin looking youthful as possible. Although I take all these precautions—those pesky fine lines are still making a presence around my eyes! I know, probably from all the laughing and smiling I do in my blissful life….right?
Okay, back to reality. I work hard and I am aging every day. Just like we all are. I have no problem whatsoever growing…hmmm, hmmm, older, wiser, and more mature. But I refuse to look my age if I don’t have to! There is no need for drastic measures—just yet—especially when I can discover amazing products that deliver results and are good for my skin.
The Line Erasing Serum is made up of natural hydrators and ingredients that are superb like gogi! I am super picky about textures of skin care products. If it is heavy, sticky, or gooey—I don’t like it! Fortunately the Line Erasing Serum passed my picky test and went on super lightweight and smooth! I naturally tend to be on the drier side and I felt that this product really delivered in the hydrating department—extra bonus. Then the added effects of brightening my skin, smoothing out those pesky fine lines, and making look bright eyed and bushy tailed….no doubt about it—I’m a believer! There is a Santa and Christmas came early!