Saturday, August 19, 2006

A little bit!

Hello lovely dolls!

First off, let me thank you for visiting this new blog. I know there are a million and one to choose to look at and read and I really appreciate you time, interest and support. Thank you :)

I have been doing makeup since I was a young girl. My Aunt would go through her makeup once a year and give me all the cosmetics she didn't want anymore. It was like Christmas for me. I would then patiently anticipate snagging my sister's Vogue magazine when she was through reading it. Naturally, for me, the next step was putting those tossed out magazines and cosmetics to use! I would find a girl in the magazine whom I thought had cool makeup and then attempt to copy the look on my face with the colors I had. It was so much fun. Oh, and by the way....this was in the 80's so you can only imagine all the vivid blues, purples, greens, thick eyeliner, bright blush and heavy lipstick.

Only if my mom would have taken pictures of my creations along with the tears from the magazine. It would have been classic! Most of the time my mom would just take a look at me, shake her head slightly, and smile softly. I know she was my creative potential. Of course she never let me even near the front door with my copy cat Vogue face but that was okay with me. I enjoyed trying to figure out technique and mimicking those gorgeous pictures anyways.

As I became older and was permitted to wear makeup to school, I never missed the opportunity. I would wake up early and do my makeup everyday. I was only allowed to wear natural/neutral colors but I made them work. I was also allowed to wear eyeliner. Remember the maybelline eyeliner? The red pencil that you had to use a lighter to soften the pencil with the flame in order for it to go on smoothly? That's what I had to work with. I made it my goal to master putting on that eyeliner. I eventually did and realized this when I was receiving comments from adults and friends at how well I could apply eyeliner! As the time went by I started doing my friends and family makeup for special occasions. I was always satisfied with the results and the way it made me feel to make somebody else feel and look good.

As I graduated high school I decided to take a route that at the time I considered to be more of a sure thing: college. Makeup artistry was fun but I didn't see the security in it from the small town that I was in. I would still do makeup for friends and family for whatever special event that they had but nothing consistent. I eventually graduated from college and unfortunately was not satisfied in my career choice or should I say lack of choices. So I went and applied at the local Macy's to work in the cosmetics department. It was a blast meeting people and being able to do makeup on a daily basis. I learned a lot during this time. As a couple of years went by I was convinced that I was truly satisfied being a makeup artist but not being in cosmetic sales. So I quit my job and started to do freelance makeup. It was ideal. I could work when the makeup counter needed me and for their special events and I had freedom to go out and do more special event makeup on my own.

I had been doing makeup for random weddings for years and this was now my opportunity to really seek business in this area. I love wedding makeup. It's my favorite. Brides are usually gleaming which makes what ever makeup you do that much more beautiful. I went and advertised myself at the local bridal expo and met a lot of people both in the industry and also potential brides. It was so exciting. I made a lot of contact and started doing even more makeup. Most people always asked the same common question or had the same concerns in regards to cosmetic products or technique. I love helping people find what's best for them in these areas. I have a great friend who runs a very successful blog in fashion and beauty who encouraged me to start this blog to get those common questions and product reviews out there. So here I am now.

I would like to gear this blog around cosmetics obviously sharing tricks of the trade and technique with an emphasis on the best products out there that are tried and true. I happen to love bridal makeup. So I welcome all you potential brides and your questions and comments. But really, all makeup is fun. From everyday wear to special event. There will be no discriminating here. I do have to warn you, I've worked for one main cosmetic line for the last three years and tend to use most of their products. I'm not trying to be bias it's just what I'm familiar with. I'm currently working on expanding my kit and using different brands. As I do this I will post my reviews along with how the products worked for me and my clients. I hope you enjoy! Also, if you have any questions and/or comments about any products or techniques you would like to know about email me. I'll do my best to post questions and answer them to the best of my research and knowledge. Thanks!

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